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Birth Trauma Can Happen to Anyone, Anytime

Roughly seven out of every 1,000 live births results in a child being born with a birth injury. While you may think that these odds seem pretty low and that this could not happen to you, you should rethink that approach. You may be fine, your baby may be fine, but what happens if the doctor or the nurses are “not” fine, do not perform their jobs in a proper way, and something bad happens. This can and does happen and the end result is any one of a number of injuries to the child; some of which are life altering, such as cerebral palsy.

If the injury sustained at birth is critical enough, it may affect the child for the rest of their lives. Sadly, because babies are so fragile it makes them high risk candidates for injuries. In many birth injury cases, the doctor or another medical professional was negligent and caused harm to the child. If you can prove that to be the case, you should be entitled to compensation for damages to your child, pain and suffering, and future care costs for a special needs child.

To file a birth injury lawsuit (typically referred to as a medical malpractice lawsuit) you will need to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney with a history of handling birth injury cases. We can refer you to one, if you need a referral.

After you have retained an attorney and a lawsuit has been filed, you might also want to check into whether or not you may be eligible for litigation funding.

Pre-settlement funding
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To apply for lawsuit funding, go online or make a toll free phone call. Complete a short form, explain your case details, wait for the company to contact and obtain records from your attorney, the get approved with 24-48 hours. It is that simple and that quick. You do not pay the lawsuit financing company any fees until your case is successful, and, if you lose, you keep the money, free of charge. Try getting a bank, or even a family member, to do that.

Litigation Funding