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18-wheeler trucker misjudges ability to pass a school bus

When 18-wheelers make mistakes while on the road, the consequences can be deadly.

This was a particularly tragic case where an impatient trucker decided to pass a slower moving school bus. The driver misjudged oncoming traffic and slammed head-on into a Ford Edge, driven by David Beasley of Little Rock, Ark. The truck didn’t stop there. It continued on to careen into a Toyota Camry being driven by Rebecca Baltz, also of Little Rock. Baltz had a passenger in her car, Jonnie Oden.

When emergency services personnel arrived at the wreck, they pronounced Beasley dead at the scene. Baltz and Oden were taken to the nearest medical facility for treatment. The trucker, John Rader, from Texas, was not injured in this deadly collision.

No doubt the fault here lies with the trucker, who pulled out to pass while it was unsafe to do so. The result of that ill fated decision will likely haunt him for the rest of his life. It will certainly be remembered by the Beasley family and Rebecca Blatz and Jonnie Oden. It’s highly likely the Beasley family will file a wrongful death lawsuit, while the other victims may file personal injury lawsuits.

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