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Two die after hitting a renegade utility trailer

The strangest and most tragic things happen on the highways these days. This freak accident killed two.

The whole affair would never have happened, but someone was negligence while hitching up – not taking that extra minute or two to double check how safe their utility trailer was before hitting the road. The consequence of saving a few minutes was the death of two people.

This accident happened on I-85 in South Carolina when a utility trailer being towed by a truck came unhitched in the middle of the highway. The vehicle towing it kept on going. The trailer, bereft of forward motion, began to slow down, as traffic tried to avoid it.

Unfortunately, a 2000 Honda SUV slammed into the trailer in the middle lane of the highway, veered into the right lane and was struck by an 18-wheeler. Shirin and Sajid Pirani both died at the scene. Miraculously, their two children, ages 6 and 3, were still alive in the backseat of the totaled vehicle. They were taken to hospital for assessment and later released to relatives.

The police report indicates no one was able to identify the vehicle towing the trailer, as it fled the scene. It was fairly dark at the time of the crash and police want to talk to the trailer owner before making decisions about laying charges. Eyewitnesses are being asked to provide the police with anything they can remember.

It is a nasty case, and one that will take a fair length of time to settle when the culprit is finally found. It would not be much of a surprise if the Pirani family filed a wrongful death suit to recover compensation for the children’s futures. They will need to know their rights and what types of compensation they may request from the court. There is also a good chance they will need money to pay for the children’s medical expenses and the funeral and burial costs for their parents.

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