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Medical Malpractice Resulting in Death of Unborn Baby Ends in Multimillion Dollar Verdict

When you go to the hospital to save your baby, you expect you will go home in one piece and still be pregnant. This is not what happened in this case.

Sabine Miller was 30 years old and 14 weeks pregnant when she was rushed by ambulance to the hospital in Naperville, where she was admitted to a post-partum unit. Evidently, the staff at the hospital didn’t carefully monitor her rapidly deteriorating condition, nor did they call for a doctor. Miller lost consciousness as a result of septic shock.

During this medical ordeal, the unborn baby died and Miller’s small intestine also died, which meant she required surgery to remove it. Several months later she received a small intestine transplant from a deceased organ donor. Despite the transplant surgery, she still faces significant medical challenges on a daily basis.

The jury was only out for five hours before coming in with a verdict of $10.5 million for Miller’s injuries and $1 million for the death of her baby. The hospital did not agree with the verdict, but ultimately, didn’t challenge it.

This would have been a very difficult time for Sabine Miller, who started the whole process in one piece and came out of it grieving for her dead child and severely damaged with a new small intestine. She would have had a lot of medical expenses to pay and would have likely found the bills overwhelming. How could the family pay them? They hadn’t expected her extreme illness and two surgeries.

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