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Seven Years Later Workplace Accident Results in Multimillion Dollar Verdict

Justice is often a long time in coming. This case is no exception.

In this instance, two men were severely burned in an accident at an Eighty Four company. They were finally awarded a multi-million dollar settlement for their injuries at trial in Washington County Court.

Plaintiff Rudolph Paci, from Centerville, was awarded $9.75 million for his damages. This figure included $7.5 million for disfigurement. Plaintiff James Sutch, from Daisyville, received $3.023 million, which also included $2.5 million for disfigurement.

This was a rough case for everyone involved, as the men had almost literally been through hell and managed to survive. They sustained their disfiguring burns when molten metal exploded from an Inductothermal furnace and drenched them while they were working on it. Paci was a melter and Sutch an assistant melter for Ametek Specialty Metal Products.

The jury found Inductothermal 50 percent responsible and the suppliers to Eighty Four company (Allied Mineral and Vesuvius) each 25 percent responsible. Jennifer Paci received $80,000 and Michele Sutch was awarded $50,000.

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