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Woman Poorly Awarded After Crash With Police Car Says Litigation Funding Corporation of Michigan

Even the police get into nasty crashes. This is one case that also shows that having a good personal injury lawyer may change the financial outcome.

This case is just one of those things that tend to happen with modern life. A speeding police car, without lights flashing or siren engaged, collides with a woman just leaving an intersection. “The results of that wreck were Renae Raymond sustained rib fractures, spleen lacerations, traumatic brain injury, lung contusions and assorted other serious injuries,” said Daren Monroe, who writes for Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

Raymond was hospitalized for at least a month and was left with difficulties coping with her traumatic brain injury. This case resulted in a settlement of approximately $136,000 from Denver City Council, which, given the serious nature of her injuries, would likely not even cover her hospital expenses.

“In cases like this, it’s wise to discuss the situation with a skilled personal injury lawyer, as they know how to make the justice system work for you. In addition, this lady may have also been able to apply for lawsuit funding to help her cope with her staggering medical expenses and therapy,” Monroe said.

The idea behind litigation funding is that it acts as an emergency lawsuit financing loan that the plaintiff uses to deal with their debts, including their regular monthly obligations, such as the rent, mortgage, school fees, car payments or credit card debt.

It’s not that difficult to apply for lawsuit settlement funding, and all the plaintiff needs to do is fill out an application form online at the litigation funding website or call them directly. They are asked some questions about the nature of the case and it is then assessed for its winability in court. Once the application for pre-settlement funding is approved, the money is sent to the plaintiff as quickly as possible, because the legal finance company completely understands that the bills need to be paid pronto.

Applying for a lawsuit cash advance is a very clever strategic move on the part of the plaintiff, because it lets them control their case. “By that we mean, with lawsuit funding in the bank, they don’t have to take any offers from an insurance company. In fact, they only need to wait for justice while they rely on their litigation funding to deal with their expenses,” Monroe said.

“Lawsuit funding isn’t for everyone, but it’s well worth checking into, because if you are ever in a bad accident and have catastrophic medical expenses, pre-settlement funding will save the day,” Monroe said.

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