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Four Dead in Head On Wreck

A driver that wandered over the centerline of Route 308 in Pennsylvania kills four. Four others survive with injuries.

Unfortunately, life is sometimes full of unintended ironies. Such is the case here, when Louis Sweetapple, on his way to a funeral, veered over the centerline of Route 308, slamming head-on into a pickup. Sweetapple and the driver of the truck, Charles Roxberry, didn’t survive the crash.

Two other passengers in the Sweetapple vehicle were also killed; Eli Coblentz and Fanny Detweiler. Four other passengers were badly hurt, but survived. The survivors were Benedict Hostettler, Irvine Detweiler, David Coblentz and Cynda Detweiler. The injured victims were airlifted to the nearest hospital.

No one knows why Sweetapple crossed over the centerline. The police report indicates there are questions about what he was doing just prior to the accident. Sweetapple was 76 at the time of the crash, and there may be questions about whether he fell asleep while driving, was distracted or there was a mechanical defect with his van that caused it to veer across the road.

Whatever the results of the investigation, the passengers who suffered major injuries are likely going to want compensation for their medical expenses. This is something that they can discuss with their personal injury lawyers when they find out what their rights are in a case like this. Basically, if there is negligence in play, the person responsible for it is also responsible for damages.

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