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Big Rig Load Shift May Have Caused Woman’s Death by Crushing

Truth is stranger than fiction. This bizarre crush death left a family in shock and wondering how to cope with the loss of their loved one.

This is perhaps one of the more bizarre cases ever reported, as there seems to be no readily available explanation for what happened. It Is a most troubling case and the family seeking compensation in this wrongful death case has a boatload of unanswered questions about what went wrong.

Fifty-eight year old Penny Marlow of Duluth was crushed to death in her Kia Rio after she was involved in a wreck with a semi that rolled over onto her car. No one is sure how the truck turned over on its side, other than it looked like it happened when the truck was trying to make a left hand turn onto a street. The semi was fully loaded with coal, but the trailer did not have a tarp over the top.

The bizarre aspect of this collision is that it took place at a speed of 30 mph and there was no real reason for the truck to have rolled over, although the police report indicates that the load of coal may have shifted in the trailer. The other question is how the load shifted, unless the trucker was trying to take some evasive action to avoid the Kia Rio. The semi driver was unharmed in the wreck. No citations were issued and a further investigation was to be launched.

Marlow’s family may never really know what happened to cause the truck to shift and roll, but they know for a fact that her death has left a huge hole in their lives. They may well be in a financial bind as a result of her death and not know how to begin to pay the bills relating to her accident, funeral and burial. They might need help right away to be able to pay the extra financial obligations they will be facing.

One alternative for the family would be to contact a litigation funding company and ask about applying for an emergency lawsuit cash advance; an advance on the award or settlement they are expected to get at trial or from the insurance company. This is not hard to do. In fact, the family only needs to either call the legal funding company or fill out an application for pre-settlement funding on the lawsuit loan website.

Once the case has received approval, the funds are sent to the plaintiff’s bank, where the victim then uses them to pay medical and other expenses related to the accident. They also use this money to pay their usual bills, like mortgage, car or truck payments, tuition or rent. The idea is to get them caught up financially, so they do not have to take chump change from an insurance company.

With pre-settlement funding in the bank, the plaintiffs have the choice to either accept or decline a lowball settlement offer. Most decline, as a jury award tends to be higher than anything an insurance company will cough up.

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