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School Children Hit By Auto As They Stand Outside of School

Four boys standing were standing on a street corner near school when a Toyota Prius that jumped the curb, hit the boys, and pinned one of them underneath the vehicle. According to one of the boys, the Prius was making a turn when a speeding Sienna van slammed into it. After the two vehicles collided, the Prius went up on the curb and struck the boys before slamming into a wall. Firefighters used air bags to lift the Prius off the 12-year-old trapped underneath. He and another 12-year-old suffered traumatic injuries; a 7 and 11 year old were treated at the hospital and released. The driver of the Prius was hospitalized, but the extent of her injuries was not immediately clear. The driver of the Sienna was not injured.

A preliminary investigation indicated the driver of the Sienna turned in front of the Prius. Why the driver was speeding is unknown. Authorities investigating this serious auto accident do not believe that alcohol or drugs played a factor. What is known is that the families of these young boys, as well as the driver of the Prius, may consider filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Injuries from an auto-pedestrian accident can leave the pedestrian seriously injured because there is no protection from the impact with the vehicle. Additionally, accidents with a large barrier such as a wall, can result in serious or permanent injuries. Victims and their families may pursue compensation for their injuries. The driver of the Sienna may be held liable for medical expenses from all victims, lost wages from the driver of the Prius, and other related damages.

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