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Sleep Deprivation Results in Serious Accident and Missed Delivery Schedule

A man driving a pick-up truck hauling a camper was hit by a semi-tractor trailer with 40,000 pounds of cargo when the tractor trailer driver reportedly fell asleep at the wheel. Upon impact, the pick-up truck spun around numerous times, resulting in being hit by the tractor trailer twice before stopping. The pick-up was totaled; the driver was knocked unconscious. He sustained a fractured rib and severe pain between his shoulder blades, and was diagnosed with an injury to facet joints and trauma to the spinal nerves. Most likely the results of being unconscious, he also suffered headaches and cognitive problems, including problems with speech, memory, and concentration. Due to the extent of his injuries and disabilities, the man cannot resume work as a union carpenter and general contractor.

Laws have been imposed on the time truckers are allowed to drive without taking a break to sleep, but these laws are routinely ignored. Truckers are required to make timely deliveries and many times it is linked to incentives for the driver. Deliver schedules and incentives become more important than safety. This risk increases the likelihood of serious injuries or death, ultimately leading to missed deliveries in the end.

Trucking accident victims frequently suffer wrongful deaths or permanent disabilities. If this has happened to you or someone you love because of a trucker’s negligence behind the wheel, you have the right to hold that trucker, and sometimes the trucking company, legally liable for the results. It is important to contact an experience truck accident attorney to discuss your right to compensation.

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