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Worker Impaled On The Job Survives With Serious Injuries

The unexpected can and does happen at work when you least expect it. Luckily, this man survived his shocking injury.

Some days it does not pay to go to work. This case is a prime example of that. The worker in this instance was on the job at Grimmway Farms in San Joaquin Valley in California, when the weirdest thing happened at the processing plant.

The worker in question was operating a forklift and for some reason, crashed into a metal gate. The resulting accident drove a metal pipe right through his torso. It seems the gate that he crashed into was a safety gate that had been left open.

EMS crews and responding firefighters had the grim task of sawing the metal pipe six to eight inches away from the man’s body; a gruesome task, completed while the man was still fully conscious. When the bar had been cut, the Jaws of Life and other hydraulic equipment was used to cut away the steering column, seat and controls to remove the victim from the truck. The worker was then airlifted to the nearest medical facility.

There is no doubt the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will want to know how this accident happened in the first place.

This man would definitely need to speak to a personal injury lawyer to find out what he needed to do to file a claim for compensation for his injuries. Having a metal pipe driven through your torso is a serious and potentially life-altering injury. The man will likely be unable to work for a long time. He will need income to help him recover and get on with his life. He will need an emergency lawsuit loan from a litigation funding company.

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