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Unexpected Fall Results in Death by Mixing Machine Reports Litigation Funding Corporation

March 20, 2011

Unexpected death stalked this tortilla factory in Brooklyn where a worker was killed on the job.

“It is often said that death may arrive when we least expect it. This unusual case is no exception and it involves a man who fell into a mixing machine at a Mexican tortilla factory. No one knows how the man fell into the commercial sized mixing vat; a piece of machinery that was waist high,” said Daren Monroe, who writes for Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

Responding EMS crews found the man trapped in the machine but they were too late to save the 22-year-old. While the police are speculating that his death may have been an accident, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration will be investigating for workplace issues that may have caused this death. Additionally, the police will want to talk to anyone else working the same shift as the dead man who may have information on how this accident happened.

If there is a chance that he fell into the vat because of the negligence of another worker or because some piece of equipment was defective and did not protect him, this would put a whole new perspective on the case. In either situation, the man’s family would likely seek the expert legal counsel of a wrongful death lawyer to obtain compensation for his death.

In order for the family to be able to move forward financially, they would need money to pay their bills and usual expenses. One way for them to do that would be to contact a litigation funding company and fill out an application for pre-settlement funding. Litigation funding is an emergency fast cash lawsuit loan that is sent to qualified applicants within 48 hours after they apply for financial assistance.

The point of the lawsuit cash advance is to help the plaintiff pay their usual expenses and those related to the death of their loved one. In order for them to continue on as a family, they will need financial assistance in the form of legal funding for their case. Once the lawsuit cash advance has arrived in their bank account, they use the money to handle their bills and then wait for justice.

There is no obligation on the part of the family to take any ridiculously low offers from an insurance company. With a lawsuit loan in the bank, they are taken care of until their case is either settled fairly or the court hands down a just verdict.

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Family of Pregnant Pedestrian Hit By Van Can Pay Bills With Lawsuit Cash Advance

March 11, 2011

A van driver took the life of a pregnant New York woman and her unborn child.

While it took a year to get to court, the driver of a van that killed a pregnant mother and her unborn child was sentenced to 7 to 15 years in prison. The accident happened in 2009 near the Empire State Building on the wedding anniversary of the dead woman.

The driver of the van had a blood alcohol level way over the legal limit when he drove his vehicle on to a sidewalk and pinned the mother to a wall. The woman he killed was a mother of three and had another child on the way when she was killed. Keston Brown was convicted of manslaughter, assault and drunk driving, but acquitted of aggravated vehicular homicide – a felony with a 25-year prison term.

On sentencing, Brown said he suffers every day for what he did, but that did not stop the courts from handing down a hefty sentence for his willful, wanton and recklessness in driving while under the influence, killing Ysemny Ramos and injuring her friend. The evidence presented in court showed that Brown had downed three beers and a shot of cognac just an hour before he killed Ramos. He initially blamed the accident on a mechanical failure that caused him to lose control of his vehicle.

The evidence told another story when eyewitnesses reported he was speeding up and slowing down so a friend could whistle at women. But for the fact that Brown had been drinking before the accident and not totally “with it” while behind the wheel of his van, Ysemny Ramos would still be alive, as would her unborn child. The grieving family would no doubt want to discuss this case with a wrongful death lawyer – a lawsuit that could be filed even while the defendant was in jail.

Losing a mother of three so suddenly and tragically would be a major shock to the family. Bills would keep on coming and they would wonder how they would be able to pay them. The quickest solution to paying bills as a result of an accident would be to apply for lawsuit funding from a litigation funding company. It is user friendly to apply and does not take long to fill out an application online or by phone.

The pre-settlement funding is typically sent to a qualified applicant within 48 hours after their case is approved for a lawsuit cash advance. It does not take long to approve a case, as the legal finance company is right on the ball and responds quickly. They know when someone applies for a lawsuit cash advance that they need help right away.

An emergency lawsuit cash advance is funding that helps the plaintiff pay their bills and hang on until his or her case goes to court. In the meantime, if an insurance company courts them with a low settlement offer, they can turn them down. With pre-settlement funding on hand, they can deal with any financial issue thrown their way until the case is settled in court.

Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

Man Falls Down Elevator Shaft When Doors Open Between Floors

March 7, 2011

In this case, a man filed a lawsuit against a building owner for negligence in properly maintaining an elevator. The man alleged that when he leaned against the elevator doors, they sprung open causing him to plummet fifteen feet down the elevator shaft. The plaintiff contended that the elevator was negligently maintained by the defendant and that the defendant’s failure to properly maintain the elevator was the direct proximate cause of his accident. Specifically, the plaintiff contended that the safety device which normally prevents an elevator from opening when the car is not level with the landing malfunctioned. The defendant claimed that the elevator is on a regularly scheduled maintenance check, and he was unaware of any defects. Upon a detailed investigation, it was determined that the elevator had several deficiencies. The plaintiff was awarded compensation for damages and loss wages.

Elevator injuries are similar to premises liability lawsuits. The owner of a building is responsible for properly maintaining an elevator and if someone is injured as a result of negligent maintenance, the owner can be legally responsible for injuries. When a person is the victim of an accident directly related to the failure or malfunction of an elevator, they have the legal right to seek compensation for damages. In this case, it is easily apparent that someone was at fault; elevators won’t malfunction at will. For individuals who have experienced similar accidents, being able to financially wait out the time it takes for your attorney to seek justice is paramount.

Due to the complexity of elevator lawsuits, the litigation process in these types of accidents may be far off. For some people pre-settlement funding is a way to make it through the long and tedious process of waiting for a settlement. A lawsuit cash advance for some people can provide the financial security of paying bills while waiting for a fair and full settlement from their claim. If you are in need of a lawsuit cash advance, begin by applying online. Don’t worry about a bad credit history or unemployment. With us, those don’t matter. There are no monthly payments, either. Best of all, with our company you only repay the cash advance if you win your case. With lawsuit funding, you can get back financial control of your life.

Family of Man Killed By Falling Beam Has Access to Quick Money for Bills Says Litigation Funding Corporation

March 5, 2011

Construction accidents are often extremely serious or fatal. This accident was unfortunately fatal.

“In this construction accident death in Iowa, a worker, employed by a private contractor, was pinned under a beam along the shore of a pond near the building he and other workers were erecting. The beam was so heavy that even though rescue crews arrived quite quickly, it took them several hours to remove it and remove the man’s body,” said Daren Monroe, who writes for Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

Construction crews were working on an art building on a college campus, which had sustained flood damage in 2008 when the Iowa River breached its banks. The campus had to close 20 of its buildings due to the rising waters. The art building was just one of several that needed extensive work to bring it back to pre-flood stability.

“The man’s family would be quite upset by this sudden death and would most likely wish to speak to a wrongful death lawyer. Construction sites are often locations where, if safety precautions are not strictly followed, accidents can and do happen. In addition, the cause of the beam falling has not been pinpointed and that will be vital information for the lawyer should the family choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit,” Monroe said.

The loss of the family breadwinner is a major economic shock to the family. They will need income to keep going and to stay even with the bills that will continue to come in, despite the death of their loved one. Wrongful death lawsuits are about recovering compensation to help the family financially. They have already suffered with the loss of their loved one; they should not have to suffer financially as well.

In order to settle their bills and expenses, the fastest and most direct route for them would be to apply to a legal finance company for a lawsuit cash advance. Pre-settlement funding is ideal for cash strapped plaintiffs who need fast cash to pay their bills and hold on until their case goes to court.

Applying for a lawsuit cash advance is straightforward and incredibly easy. It is done by filling out a form online or by calling the litigation funding company directly. Plaintiffs pay nothing upfront and are not asked to make any payments. It does not matter what their credit rating is; it only matters if their case stands a chance of winning in court and securing justice for the plaintiff. Pre-settlement is guaranteed to be a winner in more ways than one for a plaintiff struggling to pay their bills.

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Injuries That Do Not Seem Serious Could Get Worse

March 1, 2011

While car accidents may result in injuries that do not appear to be that bad, there is always the chance that the “silent” injuries will cause problems.

This case involved a 45-minute police chase and ultimately ended up in an accident that injured two. The whole scenario started in Old Town Pasadena when the police spotted a Volkswagen driver committing minor traffic violations. They went to pull him over, but he did not stop and took off instead. The chase went clear across the San Gabriel Valley and ended in a smack-up when the VW slammed into a Mazda.

The Mazda driver was sent to hospital with what were described as moderate injuries and the VW driver was arrested on suspicion of felony failure to yield. It is quite possible that drugs and alcohol played a part in this fiasco. It is a remarkable thing that the Mazda driver, a 20-year-old woman, was not killed. The question remains is whether or not her injuries, although listed as moderate, will turn into some much worse. This typically tends to happen when dealing with silent injuries like whiplash or traumatic brain injury.

No doubt the young Mazda driver will want to talk to a personal injury lawyer to find out how she can get compensation for her medical and other bills as a result of the accident. Depending on how long she is in hospital and how much time she will lose from work, her expenses as a result of this car wreck will likely be quite high. She will need money to pay her bills; bills that do not stop when she is laid up recovering.

The best bet to finance her expenses would be to apply for litigation funding from a lawsuit loan company. It is easy to apply online or by phone and once the nature of the case has been discussed, the plaintiff typically gets their lawsuit cash advance within 48 hours. It is that fast because the legal finance company knows the applicant needs money fast to be able to hold on financially until their case goes to court.

When a plaintiff applies for lawsuit funding, they do not pay any fees of any kind. They are not asked for money upfront, are not expected to pay monthly fees, do not pay to apply in the first place and do not go through any kind of credit check. It does not matter whether their credit is bad or good. The lawsuit cash advance is based on the nature of the injuries and their duration. Cash recovery for the litigation funding company comes from the court awarded jury verdict or the ultimate settlement an insurance company may make.

It is a good situation for plaintiffs, who don’t have to worry about their bills and can get back on their feet financially with an emergency lawsuit loan.

Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

Dentist Misplaces Needle Causing Permanent Damage

Ten years before this case settled, a woman sought treatment from an oral surgery for advice to correct her malocclusion. She accepted the five-step treatment plan which included surgery and orthodontics. The patient alleges that during phase two of treatments, the dentist’s pierced a nerve causing permanent numbness of the lip. This woman waited ten years for her lawsuit to settle. Lawsuit Funding in this case would have helped in the decade that it took for this complicated case to go through the legal system.

If you have suffered from an injury as a result of negligence from a dentist or dental care professional, you may be entitled to pursue a dental malpractice lawsuit. Consulting an attorney who specializes in medical and dental malpractice claims will help you determine if your case is valid. But, filing and waiting for a case settlement can take a long time. During this time plaintiffs can take on a significant financial and emotional burden. Some will seek lawsuit funding. Litigation funding is a cash advance based on your pending lawsuit. Pre-settlement funding is designed for plaintiffs to pay their bills and be able to wait until their get a fair verdict in court or through a negotiated settlement. The application process is quick and easy.

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