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Dentist Misplaces Needle Causing Permanent Damage

Ten years before this case settled, a woman sought treatment from an oral surgery for advice to correct her malocclusion. She accepted the five-step treatment plan which included surgery and orthodontics. The patient alleges that during phase two of treatments, the dentist’s pierced a nerve causing permanent numbness of the lip. This woman waited ten years for her lawsuit to settle. Lawsuit Funding in this case would have helped in the decade that it took for this complicated case to go through the legal system.

If you have suffered from an injury as a result of negligence from a dentist or dental care professional, you may be entitled to pursue a dental malpractice lawsuit. Consulting an attorney who specializes in medical and dental malpractice claims will help you determine if your case is valid. But, filing and waiting for a case settlement can take a long time. During this time plaintiffs can take on a significant financial and emotional burden. Some will seek lawsuit funding. Litigation funding is a cash advance based on your pending lawsuit. Pre-settlement funding is designed for plaintiffs to pay their bills and be able to wait until their get a fair verdict in court or through a negotiated settlement. The application process is quick and easy.

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