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Injuries That Do Not Seem Serious Could Get Worse

While car accidents may result in injuries that do not appear to be that bad, there is always the chance that the “silent” injuries will cause problems.

This case involved a 45-minute police chase and ultimately ended up in an accident that injured two. The whole scenario started in Old Town Pasadena when the police spotted a Volkswagen driver committing minor traffic violations. They went to pull him over, but he did not stop and took off instead. The chase went clear across the San Gabriel Valley and ended in a smack-up when the VW slammed into a Mazda.

The Mazda driver was sent to hospital with what were described as moderate injuries and the VW driver was arrested on suspicion of felony failure to yield. It is quite possible that drugs and alcohol played a part in this fiasco. It is a remarkable thing that the Mazda driver, a 20-year-old woman, was not killed. The question remains is whether or not her injuries, although listed as moderate, will turn into some much worse. This typically tends to happen when dealing with silent injuries like whiplash or traumatic brain injury.

No doubt the young Mazda driver will want to talk to a personal injury lawyer to find out how she can get compensation for her medical and other bills as a result of the accident. Depending on how long she is in hospital and how much time she will lose from work, her expenses as a result of this car wreck will likely be quite high. She will need money to pay her bills; bills that do not stop when she is laid up recovering.

The best bet to finance her expenses would be to apply for litigation funding from a lawsuit loan company. It is easy to apply online or by phone and once the nature of the case has been discussed, the plaintiff typically gets their lawsuit cash advance within 48 hours. It is that fast because the legal finance company knows the applicant needs money fast to be able to hold on financially until their case goes to court.

When a plaintiff applies for lawsuit funding, they do not pay any fees of any kind. They are not asked for money upfront, are not expected to pay monthly fees, do not pay to apply in the first place and do not go through any kind of credit check. It does not matter whether their credit is bad or good. The lawsuit cash advance is based on the nature of the injuries and their duration. Cash recovery for the litigation funding company comes from the court awarded jury verdict or the ultimate settlement an insurance company may make.

It is a good situation for plaintiffs, who don’t have to worry about their bills and can get back on their feet financially with an emergency lawsuit loan.

Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

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