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Workbenches Recalled For Shockingly Poor Construction

The news these days is full of safety recalls. This particular recalled product had the potential to kill.

Consumers are getting increasingly frustrated with the high number of product recalls. Do you not sometimes wish you could scream at the makers of these products; tell them to get it right the first time and not put these shoddy items on the market? You have the right to purchase goods that are safe and you have the right to purchase goods that will not harm you. If a product causes you an injury, you may have the right to file a lawsuit for compensation.

Unfortunately, the products today seem to be rushed to market; it is a competitive marketplace and there is great haste to make a quick buck. But what happened to quality control and testing? Take this latest recall by Global Equipment Company; the company recalled approximately 5,000 Workbench Power Risers, Aprons and Power Shelves because of the risk of electrical shock.

Evidently, the wiring in the electrical outlets of these benches was misrouted and reverse polarity was found in some power cords. Obviously, this is a major hazard to people using this product; just as obviously, someone must have suffered a serious injury, calling attention to the defect, in the first instance. If you own a Global Power Riser, Power Apron or Power Shelf, do not use it. Call the company; discuss replacement or repair at company’s expense.

A recall is a goodwill gesture; it is also an injury/death preventing necessity. Unfortunately, there will be people who will not hear or read about this serious defect and recall. What happens if they suffer a serious shock? They may be able to sue the maker of these products for defective manufacturing.

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