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Drinking And Fighting In The Wrong Place Results In Fatality

Just when you think you may have heard it all and nothing is a surprise, along comes this story. It is a bizarre tale; but true nonetheless.

This is a tale of two men on a moving bus who decided to get into a fight on their way back from a beer-tasting tour. The odd thing about this story is that the two men were fighting in the bathroom on the bus, and as they were hammering on one another, both fell out of the window onto a major highway. The police found the men in the breakdown lane of the highway. One was dead at the scene, and the other was rushed to hospital and was listed in serious, but stable condition.

Quite the story, and the legal ramifications of something like this would be quite complex. For instance, who started the fight? What were they fighting about? Did anyone else witness it? Can the man in hospital recover compensation for his injuries? Can the family of the dead man file a wrongful death lawsuit?

These questions aside, either man may well be eligible to apply for pre-settlement funding through the auspices of a legal finance company. They only need to fill out an application online, or call the litigation funding company directly, and find out how it works. It does not take a long time to apply, nor does it take a long time for the money to arrive for an eligible plaintiff.

If the plaintiff’s case is deemed to have a chance at winning in court, the lawsuit loan company will approve it and send out their lawsuit cash advance; typically within 48 hours or less. They don’t waste any time, largely because they know that when a plaintiff applies for pre-settlement funding, they desperately need the financial assistance to get back on their feet and out of debt.

The whole idea behind lawsuit funding is that the plaintiff makes an application for lawsuit financing, and once they are approved and the money arrives, they use the litigation funding to pay their medical expenses, and any other outstanding bills they may have. This allows them strategic control over their case, and gives them the peace of mind of being able to wait for justice, and a fair and equitable verdict through the courts.

If an insurance company happens to come along and makes them an offer to settle, the plaintiffs are under no obligation to take the offer, as they have lawsuit funding in the bank backing them up. The only thing the plaintiff is expected to do is take the time to heal, and just wait for their case to be resolved. If by chance they do lose their case in court, and that does happen now and again, any litigation financing they received would still be theirs to keep, with no strings attached.

Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit &ufding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

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