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Salmonella Death Linked To Pastries

Pastries that bite back are rare, but that is what happened in this Zeppole story.

This case was unusual, largely because it involved a bakery, some very delicious goodies, and about 56 people who were infected with salmonella. One of those badly affected by ingesting the custard-filled confection was a 16-year-old boy who got quite ill and experienced fever, cramping and diarrhea. His stool cultures revealed the presence of salmonella.

The boy’s mother filed a personal injury lawsuit, seeking damages for his suffering and money to pay for medical expenses, not to mention lost wages. She chose to file the lawsuit, as her son was seemingly not able to make a full recovery from the bout with salmonella.

The incident was reported to the health department, who conducted an in depth investigation and noted that 10 of 26 people who had to be hospitalized were still there after several days, and one 80-year-old man died as a result of eating the salmonella contaminated pastry. The bakery where these people bought the pastries was shut down, and all products were tested for signs of salmonella. The culprit was located in cardboard boxes where the empty pastry shells had been stored.

Evidently, the boxes had previously held eggs. It was assumed that some of them may have broken open, and if infected, the sticky left over residue would have come into contact with the surface of the already baked Zeppole pastries.

There will likely be more than one lawsuit filed as a result of this incident, and in the case of the man who died as a result of eating a contaminated pastry, his family may wish to file a wrongful death lawsuit. In any of the cases involved here, most of the people would have large medical bills for several days stay in hospital, expenses for medications and lost wages for recovery time. The question would become how would they pay for the expenses? Most people do not have a lot of extra cash lying around these days.

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