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Vehicle Racing on Highway Leaves One Dead and Four Injured

July 30, 2011

High speed racing on the highway left behind a twisted wreckage and one dead body. Four others were injured, as well.

“You would think it would be an obviously dumb thing to do, racing on the highway, but evidently it is still billed as an exciting pastime for some of the younger crowd, as this case demonstrates. Here’s what happened. Two cars, a Ford Probe and a Toyota Celica, were heading west, when the Celica driver tried to pass traffic on the right shoulder. He lost control, veered across the whole highway, and slammed, head-on, into a Honda Pilot in the eastbound lane,” said Daren Monroe, who writes for Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

This is not the end of this story though. The driver of the Ford also lost control of his car, causing it to flip over onto the shoulder and land on its roof. The mess this whole event left behind was unbelievable. Emergency crews had to work hard to get all the victims sorted out and taken to hospital for care. Unfortunately, the driver of the Honda Pilot was killed instantly on impact. The passenger in that vehicle suffered severe injuries, as did the driver of the Ford and his 10-year-old son.

The upshot of the police investigation into this crash is that the Ford driver and the Celica driver would likely be charged with vehicular assault and vehicular homicide. “That being said, the family of the dead driver and his passenger would have legal causes of action sounding in negligence and reckless driving. One could file a wrongful death lawsuit, and the other a personal injury lawsuit,” Monroe said.

Depending on how long the victims were in hospital, they would amass significant medical bills and need financial assistance to get back on their feet and out of debt while waiting for justice. This is possible by filling out an application form for legal funding. It is not hard to do and the litigation funding company gets the money to qualified plaintiffs within 48 hours or less.

The applicants do not pay any upfront fees, or make monthly payments. They do not need to go through a credit check and they do not need to have a job when they apply. There are no hidden fees applicable when a victim applied for pre-settlement funding. “It’s a great deal for financially desperate plaintiffs who need help while they wait for their trial or a settlement. Well worth checking out,” Monroe said.

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Car Mechanical Failure And Thigh Impalement May Lead To Lawsuit

July 28, 2011

A mechanical failure affecting the victim’s car resulted in thigh impalement by a fence post while the victim was waiting to be rescued.

“This is a bizarre case in which the woman accident victim was lucky to come out alive. She was driving her car along a road next to a creek when something went wrong mechanically. She lost control of her vehicle, which plowed through a fence and landed in the creek. Local residents were at the scene of the accident quickly and immediately helped her keep her head above water. The victim was in the water for almost an hour and a half, as her thigh was pierced by a fence post, trapping her inside the vehicle,” said Daren Monroe, who writes for Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

When emergency crews arrived, they had their work cut out for them. When they were able to extract her from the vehicle and cut the fence post to lift her out, she was rushed to the hospital for emergency care. The victim was conscious throughout the whole ordeal.

The medical bills the young lady would get would be quite significant and she would likely want to see about obtaining compensation for her injuries and loss of property. The fact that there was a mechanical failure of her vehicle means she would likely be able to sue the manufacturer for compensation. If the failure was the result of improper mechanical maintenance by a mechanic, it would be likely that person would be cited in a personal injury lawsuit.

Whichever way this case turns out, the 25-year-old woman will need money to pay her medical bills and to keep on moving forward with her life while she recovers and waits for a trial or settlement.

“How will she pay her enormous bills? The perfect answer for her would be to fill out an application form for litigation funding,” Monroe aIS.

Pre-settlement funding is an emergency lawsuit loan to a financially strapped plaintiff, to allow them to pay their bills, all of their bills, immediately, in advance of an expected settlement or jury award. All they need to do is apply online or by phone, have their case assessed and move forward from there, once they have been accepted. It is an easy process and the litigation funding company takes as much time as you need to explain how a lawsuit cash advance works and how it benefits you.

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Hat Strapped To Baby While Using Pacifier Poses Asphyxiation Threat

July 27, 2011

It is completely amazing how many dangerous things are being made and marketed for babies that have the potential to do serious harm, or kill them.

The number of product recalls in the marketplace over the last year has grown by leaps and bounds. It’s quite frightening to read about them. They affect the very food we eat, the equipment we use, the tools we rely on and even the products that are supposed to be safe for our babies and small children.

Unfortunately, more and more items of a highly questionable nature, supposedly designed for babies, are being recalled for a variety of reasons ranging from they pose a choking threat to severing fingers and from posing a threat of asphyxiation to death. Makes you think twice about buying baby products, doesn’t it?

One of the more recent recalls involved an article of clothing called a Beeni Baby Hat. Cute name. Cute product, but deadly. The hats were designed with straps on the sides and a removable soother that would be held (by the holder) in the baby’s mouth, which sounds like a good idea. However, it was discovered that if the baby spits up, and no one was around, the baby could choke to death, hence the product recall.

While the idea may have been a bright one in conception, it certainly lacked something in its execution and posed a serious threat to babies. The recall was the right thing to do, but if you give that some further thought, if someone had one of these hats and was not aware of the recall, what would happen if their baby choked to death because it spit up while wearing one of these contraptions?
The answer to that question would be that the maker of the product, despite the recall, would still be held liable for marketing a defective product that either seriously harmed, or killed a child. If the parents of that child also chose to file a personal injury lawsuit or a wrongful death/defective product lawsuit, they would need money to pay their bills while waiting for their case to go to court.
Bills don’t stop coming if someone has been injured or killed, and if their baby had survived a brush with choking, the child would have huge medical bills. The child may also have sustained brain damage if they could not breathe due to choking and did not get medical attention fast enough. It would be hard for the parents to handle their usual expenses, plus medical costs for their child.

Should they choose to file a lawsuit and need funding, they could apply for a lawsuit loan to tide them over until justice is done. Litigation funding is considered to be an emergency loan to help the plaintiff get back on their feet financially until their case is resolved. Applicants for a lawsuit cash advance only need to outline their case to the lawsuit loan company, and wait until it is assessed for its chances of winning in court.

If the case is deemed winnable, the pre-settlement funding is sent straight to the plaintiff’s bank account, for use to pay all of their bills right away. It’s a good deal for the plaintiff who does not have to pay any upfront fees, monthly payments or other hidden charges. It’s a straight out lawsuit loan and should they lose their case in court, they get to keep the money, with no further obligation to the litigation funding company.

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Product Recall Did Not Prevent The Death Of Infant

July 11, 2011

Product recalls are the right thing to do when something proves it harms consumers. Unfortunately, the recall in this case did not prevent the death of a baby.

Family members of this six-month-old baby were utterly stunned when they checked him in his stroller and found him dead. The little boy had slid between the stroller tray and the seat, got stuck, and was strangled to death. Even though he was rushed to the local hospital, he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Unfortunately, the killer stroller had been bought at a garage sale and no one mentioned, or perhaps even knew, that it had been recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The model was the Graco Quattro, 7111BKW, called back due to the possibility of babies becoming trapped and strangling if not harnessed. The risk of strangulation was said to be highest in babies younger than a year old.

There is nothing more frightening and saddening than to find out that a child died despite a recall for a dangerous product. The people who bought the stroller at a garage sale had no idea it was dangerous. Did the people who sold the stroller? Possibly, and if they did know, and still sold the stroller anyway, it would seem they may be named in a wrongful death lawsuit.

As is stands, the maker of these strollers, despite having issued a recall, will be named in any lawsuit the parents may choose to file. The parents may also want to find out information about paying their bills and getting out of financial difficulties while they are waiting for their case to go to settlement or trial. In order to line up legal funding, they would just need to make contact with a lawsuit loan company or litigation funding company, and fill out an application for a lawsuit cash advance.

Getting pre-settlement funding once a case has been approved is a breeze, and it only takes about 24 to 48 hours or less for the funds to arrive in the plaintiff’s bank account. From there, they use the money to pay their medical and other pressing bills and then just sit back and wait for justice to be done.

During their wait, they may be approached by an insurance company wanting them to settle quickly and for a low amount. Thanks to having litigation funding in the bank, the plaintiff can turn them down flat, knowing they have money on tap to handle anything that might come up. Another benefit for plaintiffs applying for and being sent litigation funding is the fact that if they do lose their case in court, they still get to keep the money. That’s a good deal.

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Woman Says Wrongful Death Lawsuit Is About Pushing For Stricter Regulations

A horrifying chain of events occurred last October. An 18-wheeler slammed into a line of vehicles stopped on a busy interstate. Five people were killed. Investigators said seven vehicles were stopped on the interstate after an accident involving a dump truck. The driver of the tractor-trailer came up behind the stopped vehicles and, without slowing down, hit three of them causing an accordion-type effect. The force slammed six vehicles into the back of each other. Witnesses said the trucker was speeding and driving erratically.

Driver inattention, driver fatigue, and distracted driving are three of the most common causes of truck accidents. We know that even one death is unacceptable, but the important question is how do we improve these statistics and make our roadways safer? A mother who lost her son in this tragic accident filed a wrongful death lawsuit, but she is also pushing for stricter safety policies and better regulations of the trucking industry.

How can trucking companies stress the importance of driver safety when so many drivers are expected to operate under tight schedules without considering possible variables such as auto accidents and construction delays? How safe is the truck driver 14 hours of service rule? Is greed pushing these truckers to their limits?

This trucking accident may take several months, or years, to resolve. The plaintiff might be interesting in learning about lawsuit funding, a financial service that will provide financial assistance in advance of an expected settlement or verdict. The lawsuit cash advance would give the plaintiff cash now to remove the financial pressure to settle too early for too little compensation.

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Unusual Sports Injury Case results in $1.8 billion Personal Injury Lawsuit

July 8, 2011

A paralyzed athlete filed a lawsuit for $1.8 billion after breaking her neck in a vaulting accident. The woman is paralyzed from below the middle of her chest.

This will be a difficult case for all those involved. Sang Lan, a gymnast and an athlete in top shape, broke her neck during the 1998 Goodwill Games, held in New York, as a result of a vaulting accident. She filed a federal lawsuit just recently, against the U.S. Gymnastics Federation and Time Warner, indicating they broke their promise to care for her after her injury. She said that since the promised care was not provided, her condition has worsened.

According to the details in the case filings, the defendants failed to pay her medical bills and ensure her other needs were met. Lan indicated in the suit that she has been unable to get medical treatments for her spinal cord injuries and her two broken and dislocated vertebrae.

She further stated that the care provided to her by two Chinese-Americans, appointed as her legal guardians, has caused her more suffering. The guardians were appointed after her accident, in direct opposition to her parent’s wishes. Evidently, the guardians control Lan’s contact and treatments with U.S. doctors.

It seems that Lan has been trying to make ends meet while living in China without proper medical insurance, without any compensation for her life-altering, permanent injury and without the ability to ask for justice. Her lawsuit will likely go to trial within the year. In the meantime, she will definitely need a way to pay her bills, medical and otherwise. She would be best advised to apply for litigation funding.

Litigation funding is an emergency lawsuit loan, given to the plaintiff in advance of their expected verdict. It will help them get back on their feet financially, and help them pay their medical expenses, as well as their regular living expenses. Pre-settlement funding has many advantages for the plaintiff, not the least of which is once they get a lawsuit cash advance, they can turn down insurance company settlement offers.

The other benefit a plaintiff has with legal funding is that if they do lose their case in court, they get to keep what money they have left in the bank. They are not obligated to give it back and they would have no further obligation to the litigation funding company either.

Pre-settlement funding is a good deal for cash strapped plaintiffs, and in this case, it would certainly help Ms. Lan take care of her bills and medical needs.

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