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Car Mechanical Failure And Thigh Impalement May Lead To Lawsuit

A mechanical failure affecting the victim’s car resulted in thigh impalement by a fence post while the victim was waiting to be rescued.

“This is a bizarre case in which the woman accident victim was lucky to come out alive. She was driving her car along a road next to a creek when something went wrong mechanically. She lost control of her vehicle, which plowed through a fence and landed in the creek. Local residents were at the scene of the accident quickly and immediately helped her keep her head above water. The victim was in the water for almost an hour and a half, as her thigh was pierced by a fence post, trapping her inside the vehicle,” said Daren Monroe, who writes for Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

When emergency crews arrived, they had their work cut out for them. When they were able to extract her from the vehicle and cut the fence post to lift her out, she was rushed to the hospital for emergency care. The victim was conscious throughout the whole ordeal.

The medical bills the young lady would get would be quite significant and she would likely want to see about obtaining compensation for her injuries and loss of property. The fact that there was a mechanical failure of her vehicle means she would likely be able to sue the manufacturer for compensation. If the failure was the result of improper mechanical maintenance by a mechanic, it would be likely that person would be cited in a personal injury lawsuit.

Whichever way this case turns out, the 25-year-old woman will need money to pay her medical bills and to keep on moving forward with her life while she recovers and waits for a trial or settlement.

“How will she pay her enormous bills? The perfect answer for her would be to fill out an application form for litigation funding,” Monroe aIS.

Pre-settlement funding is an emergency lawsuit loan to a financially strapped plaintiff, to allow them to pay their bills, all of their bills, immediately, in advance of an expected settlement or jury award. All they need to do is apply online or by phone, have their case assessed and move forward from there, once they have been accepted. It is an easy process and the litigation funding company takes as much time as you need to explain how a lawsuit cash advance works and how it benefits you.

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