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Hat Strapped To Baby While Using Pacifier Poses Asphyxiation Threat

It is completely amazing how many dangerous things are being made and marketed for babies that have the potential to do serious harm, or kill them.

The number of product recalls in the marketplace over the last year has grown by leaps and bounds. It’s quite frightening to read about them. They affect the very food we eat, the equipment we use, the tools we rely on and even the products that are supposed to be safe for our babies and small children.

Unfortunately, more and more items of a highly questionable nature, supposedly designed for babies, are being recalled for a variety of reasons ranging from they pose a choking threat to severing fingers and from posing a threat of asphyxiation to death. Makes you think twice about buying baby products, doesn’t it?

One of the more recent recalls involved an article of clothing called a Beeni Baby Hat. Cute name. Cute product, but deadly. The hats were designed with straps on the sides and a removable soother that would be held (by the holder) in the baby’s mouth, which sounds like a good idea. However, it was discovered that if the baby spits up, and no one was around, the baby could choke to death, hence the product recall.

While the idea may have been a bright one in conception, it certainly lacked something in its execution and posed a serious threat to babies. The recall was the right thing to do, but if you give that some further thought, if someone had one of these hats and was not aware of the recall, what would happen if their baby choked to death because it spit up while wearing one of these contraptions?
The answer to that question would be that the maker of the product, despite the recall, would still be held liable for marketing a defective product that either seriously harmed, or killed a child. If the parents of that child also chose to file a personal injury lawsuit or a wrongful death/defective product lawsuit, they would need money to pay their bills while waiting for their case to go to court.
Bills don’t stop coming if someone has been injured or killed, and if their baby had survived a brush with choking, the child would have huge medical bills. The child may also have sustained brain damage if they could not breathe due to choking and did not get medical attention fast enough. It would be hard for the parents to handle their usual expenses, plus medical costs for their child.

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