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Vehicle Racing on Highway Leaves One Dead and Four Injured

High speed racing on the highway left behind a twisted wreckage and one dead body. Four others were injured, as well.

“You would think it would be an obviously dumb thing to do, racing on the highway, but evidently it is still billed as an exciting pastime for some of the younger crowd, as this case demonstrates. Here’s what happened. Two cars, a Ford Probe and a Toyota Celica, were heading west, when the Celica driver tried to pass traffic on the right shoulder. He lost control, veered across the whole highway, and slammed, head-on, into a Honda Pilot in the eastbound lane,” said Daren Monroe, who writes for Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

This is not the end of this story though. The driver of the Ford also lost control of his car, causing it to flip over onto the shoulder and land on its roof. The mess this whole event left behind was unbelievable. Emergency crews had to work hard to get all the victims sorted out and taken to hospital for care. Unfortunately, the driver of the Honda Pilot was killed instantly on impact. The passenger in that vehicle suffered severe injuries, as did the driver of the Ford and his 10-year-old son.

The upshot of the police investigation into this crash is that the Ford driver and the Celica driver would likely be charged with vehicular assault and vehicular homicide. “That being said, the family of the dead driver and his passenger would have legal causes of action sounding in negligence and reckless driving. One could file a wrongful death lawsuit, and the other a personal injury lawsuit,” Monroe said.

Depending on how long the victims were in hospital, they would amass significant medical bills and need financial assistance to get back on their feet and out of debt while waiting for justice. This is possible by filling out an application form for legal funding. It is not hard to do and the litigation funding company gets the money to qualified plaintiffs within 48 hours or less.

The applicants do not pay any upfront fees, or make monthly payments. They do not need to go through a credit check and they do not need to have a job when they apply. There are no hidden fees applicable when a victim applied for pre-settlement funding. “It’s a great deal for financially desperate plaintiffs who need help while they wait for their trial or a settlement. Well worth checking out,” Monroe said.

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