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Woman Says Wrongful Death Lawsuit Is About Pushing For Stricter Regulations

A horrifying chain of events occurred last October. An 18-wheeler slammed into a line of vehicles stopped on a busy interstate. Five people were killed. Investigators said seven vehicles were stopped on the interstate after an accident involving a dump truck. The driver of the tractor-trailer came up behind the stopped vehicles and, without slowing down, hit three of them causing an accordion-type effect. The force slammed six vehicles into the back of each other. Witnesses said the trucker was speeding and driving erratically.

Driver inattention, driver fatigue, and distracted driving are three of the most common causes of truck accidents. We know that even one death is unacceptable, but the important question is how do we improve these statistics and make our roadways safer? A mother who lost her son in this tragic accident filed a wrongful death lawsuit, but she is also pushing for stricter safety policies and better regulations of the trucking industry.

How can trucking companies stress the importance of driver safety when so many drivers are expected to operate under tight schedules without considering possible variables such as auto accidents and construction delays? How safe is the truck driver 14 hours of service rule? Is greed pushing these truckers to their limits?

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