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Speeding And Toll Booths Do Not Mix Says Litigation Funding Corporation Of Michigan

August 27, 2011

Driving recklessly while in the vicinity of a toll booth is never a good idea. This death was tragic and unnecessary.

“Speeding is never a good idea to begin with,” said Daren Monroe, who writes for Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

“In this reported case, the driver of the out of control car hit and killed a toll booth operator. The speeding vehicle hit a cement barrier and went airborne, directly into the attendant.”
The police report indicated the vehicle, a Chevy Camaro, was zipping down the road at a very high rate of speed, when it careened into a cement barrier. The impact was so forceful it threw the car up into the air, hitting the female booth attendant, who was outside sweeping a closed lane. “While booth operators are used to seeing accidents, they don’t really expect to be the victim of one like this,” Monroe said.
The tollbooth operator was thrown at least 50 yards in the air before landing in a broken heap. She did not survive her injuries. As for the driver of the Camaro, it came to rest a 100 yards down from where it hit the cement barrier. The driver was taken to hospital to be treated for injuries.
The victim’s family may want to file a wrongful death lawsuit in this case. If that is what they choose to do, they may be looking for emergency funding to help them pay their bills. They could get this type of lawsuit loan through the auspices of a litigation funding company. “It’s not hard to apply for pre-settlement funding. In fact, all a plaintiff needs to do is call us, or fill out an application online. We assess the merits of the case and go from there,” Monroe explained.
Plaintiffs get a good deal when they apply for lawsuit funding. The lawsuit cash advance allows them to get out of debt by paying off all of their bills while they wait for justice. Pre-settlement funding, once approved for a plaintiff, is sent directly to their bank for deposit, allowing the victim to access what money they need to handle their bills. “In the meantime, they don’t have to deal with any insurance companies who come along with cheap settlement offers,” added Monroe.

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Wrong Way Driver Severely Injures Five

August 19, 2011

Wrong way drivers cause immense heartache and often death. This case details a three-vehicle collision that harmed five.

“The police report in this serious accident was not clear on the reason why the driver of a Dodge Stratus came onto the highway from the wrong direction. It was a decision that caused a horrific accident involving three cars, one a police cruiser, and injuring five,” said Daren Monroe, who writes for Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

Evidently what happened is that the Stratus hit a Mazda, ramming it into a police cruiser. The driver of the Mazda was taken to hospital with serious injuries and admitted to the intensive care unit. Two other passengers in the Mazda, children the ages of eight and one, were also badly hurt and taken to the nearest medical facility for care. There were also three other occupants in the totaled Mazda, all taken for medical care.

“The police officer and the driver of the car that caused the accident were not injured. Police would be launching an in depth investigation into why the Dodge driver was traveling the wrong way on the highway. The answer to that question would be vital to any personal injury lawsuits the injured may file,” Monroe said.

The victims may have a long road to recovery, depending on the severity and duration of their injuries. They would likely need money to help them pay their medical expenses and cost of therapy to get their lives back on track. If they filed personal injury lawsuits, they would need emergency litigation funding to help carry them over until their case(s) were resolved.

“Applying for pre-settlement funding is easy,” Monroe said. “It only requires the plaintiff to provide us with the case details, outline their injuries and their prognosis for recovery. If the case is approved, we send them a lawsuit cash advance within 24 to 48 hours. We’re fast, because we know if someone has come to us for financial help, they need the money right away. Give us a call. We’ll let you know how litigation funding works to your advantage,” Monroe said.

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Dumpster Crushes Man To Death

August 7, 2011

Being crushed to death by a dumpster is a horrid way to die. The man never stood a chance of survival.

There is the old saying that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. This particular reported case is one of those stranger than fiction scenarios. No one would have thought about being crushed to death by a dumpster. It just seemed too bizarre to ever happen.

The 53-year-old man who lost his life suddenly, had a fairly normal day at work, until about 1 p.m. He worked for a metal recycling outfit and was going about his usual duties, when a dumpster that was being unloaded for recycling fell on top of him. He was pinned to the ground and when emergency crews arrived, was pronounced dead at the scene.

How did the dumpster fall? Who was lifting the dumpster? Was it on a forklift? How did it fall? Was the operator experienced or new? Was the equipment defective or improperly maintained? Did the forklift operator pay attention to what and who was around him at the time? Questions, questions, questions. Endless questions will dog this investigation until investigators figure out what happened to cause the dumpster to fall.

The reason for its fall is important in terms of whether or not there was third party liability and whether or not there was negligence afoot that day. Dumpsters just don’t fall off forklifts because they can. There has to be a reason for it. While the exact cause of the man’s death was not evident at the time, chances are the autopsy will show blunt force injuries.

Once more information is known, the family of the deceased worker may wish to file a wrongful death lawsuit. In order to pay their bills while they are waiting to go to court, they could apply for pre-settlement funding to carry them over until verdict or a settlement. Litigation funding is specifically designed to help cash strapped plaintiffs get back on their feet financially, pay all of their bills off and then have the luxury of waiting, debt free, for their case to be resolved.

Plaintiffs don’t pay any money to apply for lawsuit funding and don’t have to go through a credit check or even have a job. The only thing they need to have is a case that stands a good chance of winning when it goes to court. If by chance they do not win their lawsuit, the pre-settlement funding they were advanced to being with is still theirs to keep, with no strings attached. It’s worth checking litigation funding out if you need money to pay bills while your lawyer works to bring you justice.

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Fire Captain Loses Life Due To Grandfather Clause

August 4, 2011

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the Asheville Fire and Police Departments have determined that the tragic fire on July 28th, at a Medical Office Complex in Asheville, NC. was deliberately set. A Fire Department Captain was suffered cardiac arrest and died battling the flames. Ten other firefighters were treated for minor to serious injuries. Over $20 million in damage occurred as a result of the fire. What remains unknown is who started the blaze and why.

The building safety director for the city said the death most likely could have been prevented if the building been equipped with sprinklers. The facility was built prior to North Carolina changing its fire code requiring multi-family and high-occupancy buildings to have sprinkler systems and the owners were not required to retrofit.

Sometimes a new city ordinance or building code change will immediately cause hundreds of older buildings to be in violation. But, rather than bringing buildings up to code, the government will insert a grandfather clause – an exemption allowing current businesses or property owners to continue operating under previous laws – into the language of the new regulation. In this case, the medical facility may have been exempt from modern sprinkler laws because the retrofitting would be too costly. Although a grandfather clause is often used to benefit owners who may otherwise face financial or personal hardship under new regulations, it is also allowing unsafe conditions. Is this another case of lawmakers putting the interests of the business community over citizens? Do tragedies like this one reveal the underlying weakness in the system?

We urge business owners to be proactive and go beyond minimum code requirements in making their buildings as safe as possible.

The families of those injured and killed in the fire may decide to talk to a personal injury attorney about their rights. If there was negligence on the part of the building owner, a personal injury lawsuit is likely.
Cases like this tend to take a long time from lawsuit commencement to lawsuit resolution; litigants/family members, struggling to make ends meet dealing with with funeral and burial or medical assistance expenses rendered at the time of the fire, may wish to consider applying for lawsuit funding. This is a service that provides a lawsuit cash advance to people involved in pending lawsuits. The main purpose of this legal finance service is to prevent cash strapped litigants from having to settle their valuable cases too soon, for too little, because the need lawsuit cash now. Legal funding may make a substantial difference in the bottom line of your case.

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