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Child Shot While Playing on Neighbor’s Front Lawn

This case is as tragic as it is unbelievable. Cleveland, Ohio police arrested a man after he shot an 11-year-old girl who was playing on his front lawn. Evidently he was angry because a group of kids were playing in his yard and bumped into his car.

A 10-year-old witness said the victim, Ivhan’e Merritt, was one of the kids on the lawn when Charles DuBose opened fire. At the sound of gunfire, the kids ran; Ivhan’e was yelling that she had been shot. Her friends thought she was making it up until she fell to the ground. The little girl was rushed to hospital where it was discovered the bullet had grazed her liver; currently her recovery status is unknown.

It is likely that the girl’s mom will speak to a personal injury lawyer about this case. Assuming the neighbor was trying to scare the children and not trying to hurt anyone, his conduct was at least negligent. If his conduct is determined to be negligent, not intentional, his homeowners insurance would apply to help the child’s family deal with the enormous medical bills for their wounded daughter. But litigation can take months, even years, to resolve.

How will they get by with these additional expenses hanging over them? If a lawyer takes her case and pursues a negligence claim, the mother can apply for litigation funding from a lawsuit funding company. Legal finance is easy to apply for and will help tide her over until her verdict comes in or she reaches an equitable settlement.

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