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People With Severe Accident Injuries and Costs Can Seek Litigation Funding

Pedestrian and bus accidents are not all that common. A bus usually wins and this accident shows how it severely impaired the survivor for life.

Alfreda was minding her own business one day in 2009. In fact, she was waiting for the pedestrian walk signal, before she started to cross a busy New York street. The signal changed, indicating it was safe for her to proceed across. At roughly the halfway mark, she was run over by a bus being driven by a Metropolitan Transport Authority driver.

When the emergency medical crew arrived to take her to the hospital, they were not sure she was going to make it. She did, but came out of surgery missing an arm and a leg, and blinded in one eye. At the age of 59 years old, this is a life altering, catastrophic accident that left a woman unable to perform many of the daily living tasks we all take for granted.
Alfreda hired a personal injury lawyer to get her the kind of compensation she would need to be able to pay for her care. The case was successful at trial, and she was awarded $20 million. Trial documents clearly showed that she had waited for the pedestrian walk signal before crossing the road and that the driver ignored the signal.

The transit authority was not happy with the decision and plans to appeal. The authority contends that the bus was already in the crosswalk before the victim, so the driver had the right-of-way. This was a catastrophic accident for Alfreda and she faces a completely different life than she enjoyed before.

Just after her accident, the victim spoke to a personal injury lawyer to start the long process of trying to recover compensation for her serious injuries. She did not have money to pay the enormous medical bills she had incurred, and was trying to wrap her head around how she would get the care she needed without money. Litigation typically takes months or years to resolve. The perfect answer would have been for her to apply for litigation funding from a “lawsuit loan” company.

Pre-settlement funding is an emergency lawsuit cash advance that is designed to allow plaintiffs to get back on their feet financially, and carry them through until the case is resolved by a verdict or equitable settlement. Legal finance is easy to apply for and, if approved, reduces the financial stress associated with a serious injury accident.

Although this “lawsuit loan” may be used as one pleases, plaintiffs should utilize lawsuit finance for important bills and expenses. With financial issues out of the way, plaintiffs have the time and money to let justice take its course and they can decline inadequate offers and wait for a fair, proposed settlement.

If you have been injured in an accident as the result of someone else’s negligence, and you are pursuing a lawsuit with the assistance of a seasoned personal injury attorney, litigation funding is worth checking out if you need cash to pay your bills while the lawsuit is pending.

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