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Family of Woman Crushed By Train Files a Wrongful Death Suit To Discover Truth

Often the truth is indeed stranger than fiction. This case is no exception to that observation.

The witnesses to this awful accident will remember it for years to come. They will remember watching, almost as if in slow motion, a woman running alongside a light rail train and being crushed to death as she fell under the wheels. The local medical examiner identified the victim as 26-year-old Jessica Lubken of Denver, Colorado.

While the details of this case are a bit sketchy, it appears the woman was running beside the slow moving RTD light rail train at about 1 p.m. in the afternoon and was vigorously banging on the doors to be let in. She fell and slid under the train wheels. Even though emergency crews were able to get her to the hospital alive, her injuries were too severe for her to survive. She was pronounced dead shortly after her arrival.

The investigation report indicated that the train’s conductors are not supposed to let passengers off or on the train anywhere other than at clearly demarcated train stops. That being said, one eyewitness indicated to police that she saw the conductor motioning for the woman to come around to the side of the train. The witnesses’ conclusion was that the man was indicating for the woman to get onboard, which will be an important point of consideration in any wrongful death lawsuit filed by the woman’s estate.

Other witnesses in the vicinity also saw her get hooked on the train and dragged at least 30 feet before the train could be brought to a complete halt. Some also commented that the woman seemed to be drunk. The train’s conductor will be screened for drugs and alcohol and further investigation would be completed to find out how the woman managed to get under the train.

There is not much doubt that the Lubken family will want to speak to a personal injury lawyer about their daughter’s death. It would have been incredibly distressing for them, and they would not know what their rights were in connection with her death. They would also be faced with medical costs and other bills that they would have to find a way to pay in addition to the rest of their monthly expenses. Not every family has that kind of money on hand.

After speaking with an injury attorney and filing a lawsuit, the family might want to consider applying for litigation funding, also referred to as a lawsuit cash advance or pre-settlement funding. These are funds paid in advance of a court verdict or settlement that allows the plaintiffs to pay all of their bills and then wait for justice.

The plaintiffs apply, either online or by phone, provide case details, have their case assessed by the litigation funding company and then approved. After the 24-48 hour approval process, the pre-settlement funding is wired into their bank accounts. It is a very simple process and the money may be used for any important reason, although the plaintiffs are advised to pay their medical and other expenses promptly.

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