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Speeding While Drunk Leads to Three Accidents and Six Injured People

The more campaigns there are to stop people from drinking and driving, the more people figure it does not include them in that statistic.

This three vehicle collision left six people with serious injuries just because the at-fault driver wanted to have an extra drink or two and then drive. What a bad decision. An even worse decision was made when the driver went through a stop sign, which resulted in the car hitting a truck and another vehicle trying to avoid the wreck, but instead, crashing into the corner of the intersection.

The force of the impact was so significant that one of the vehicles landed on its side, trapping the driver in the wreckage. EMS crews had to extricate that driver to get him to the hospital, where he was listed in critical condition. There were also six others rushed to area emergency rooms for medical attention. Those six were listed in stable condition.

According to police reports of the 2 a.m. crash, speed and booze were factors, and the finger points back to the driver that decided he did not need to obey a stop sign and sped right through it into the side of a truck. It was complete mayhem at the accident scene, with EMS crews trying to do triage and extracting trapped drivers, and the police trying to sort out who caused the mess in the first place.

Until all the blood tests taken at the hospital were confirmed, charges would be held in abeyance. However, it is likely the driver of the car that ran the stop sign will be charged with DWI among other things. And the survivors of this mess? They will most likely be checking around for a personal injury lawyer to find out how to obtain compensation for their medical expenses and other costs.

Some of them might even sue the drunk driver and while they are waiting for their case to go to court, they would need cash to pay their bills. Since that will be hard to come by if they are not working, they could check into sourcing litigation funding.

If the drunk driver’s conduct is deemed negligent, and it would be hard to think it was not, since he chose to drive while drunk, his insurance would help the injured in this case handle their enormous medical bills. But litigation can take months, even years, to come to an end.

How will these families deal with their horrendous medical bills on top of their regular monthly expenses? If they have filed a lawsuit, they can apply for lawsuit funding from a lawsuit loan company. Legal funding is easy to apply for and helps victims out of their awkward debt situation until a verdict is handed down or they reach an equitable settlement with the other side.

Pre-settlement funding is a lawsuit cash advance, which is an emergency loan that allows the plaintiff to pay off important bills and expenses. Plaintiffs will then have the time and money to wait for justice, and in the meantime they can turn down inadequate offers from insurance companies.

If you have been injured in an accident thanks to someone else’s negligence and you are filing a lawsuit with a seasoned injury attorney, litigation funding is worth checking out. It will pay your bills while you wait for a fair resolution to your case.

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