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Frog Masks for Kids Recalled for Suffocation Risks

These days, products for kids are not made with safety in mind. Here is yet another product recall for a mask capable of suffocating a child.

We do not know what happened to common sense when it comes to making items for children, but the long, long list of recalls relating to kids products is terminally depressing. Kids cannot fend for themselves and figure out if something is bad for them. They do not stop to think about choking on a button, swallowing a moving part or suffocating in a crib or stroller.

What is wrong with manufacturers that they do not take the care and caution necessary for small ones? Typically the reply is that they are too busy trying to make money and child safety does not matter to them. If it did, you would not see some of the dangerous items being marketed in the name of greed we see on the market today. For instance, this latest recall relates to a children’s frog mask; a mask that is cute, but deadly and could suffocate a child.

It seems the masks do not have proper ventilation and when placed on a child’s face, may pose a serious threat to breathing. If the masks are being made for kids, why on earth don’t the makers make the ventilation cuts larger? How difficult is that? These plush green and red masks have two eye cutouts and the usual elastic band to fasten the mask on the child’s head. The UPC code is 06626491474, in case you bought one for Halloween or a dress up or birthday party for your child.

The recall for this product was voluntary and the mask may be returned to any Target store that sold the mask for a complete refund. That deals with those parents who heard about the recall and did something about it. It does not deal with the parents that did not hear about it and may come across such a mask in a garage sale or silent auction.

Would the mask maker be liable for any suffocation deaths as a result of a child dying from using their mask? It is likely they would, despite the recall, as the product would be considered to be defective. Should a death or serious injury occur, the family would likely be able to file a personal injury or a wrongful death, defective product lawsuit.

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Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

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