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Ugly Accident Claims Seven Lives

This decidedly deadly traffic accident killed seven and sent four to the hospital.

There are accidents that you wish you had never seen, as the memory of them haunts you long after you have witnessed the carnage. This accident is one of those accidents that caused deaths and horrendous injuries. Thankfully, there were no other vehicles involved in this accident.

This wreck happened in Bristol, Indiana and was the result of a minivan hitting a deer. The van, which was carrying 10 passengers, slowed down and stopped in the eastbound lane after the impact. Shortly after it halted, the van was hit from behind by a tractor-trailer, sending both vehicles up onto the center median after the crash.

The van’s occupants never stood a chance to get out of that mess alive, and emergency first responders were amazed to find three people with vital signs when they sorted through the wreckage. Two of those victims were airlifted to medical care, and the third was taken to the nearest trauma center. The trucker was also taken to the hospital. EMS crews had the awful task of declaring seven of the van’s occupants dead at the scene.

What happened here? Was the trucker speeding? Riding too close to the van? Driving distracted? How could the trucker have missed a van sitting in the middle of a highway if he had been paying attention? These are questions the police will be trying to find answers to over the course of their investigation. Those who did survive will be able to file personal injury lawsuits. Those that died will likely have their families file wrongful death lawsuits.

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