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Truck Hauling Kegs Runs Over Three Women and Causes Wrongful Death

This horror story took place at a football game when a truck hauling beer ran over three women.

This has got to be one of the most bizarre cases we have ever heard about. A U-Haul truck was moving around in the tailgating area at the Yale Bowl, hauling beer. Nothing was really out of the ordinary there, but for the fact that the truck ran over a woman, killing her. For some unknown reason, the truck suddenly accelerated, rolling over the hapless victim and two others, and subsequently smashing into other U-Haul vans in the same lot.

The 30-year-old woman received CPR from emergency responders, and was taken to the nearest hospital for care. Unfortunately, she died shortly after arriving. Both other injured women, hit by the same truck, were also taken to hospital. One victim sustained broken bones and was listed in serious, but stable condition. The third person was treated and released.

Police at the scene administered a field sobriety test to the U-Haul driver and discovered that he was not under the influence of alcohol. Whether he had been texting, talking on a cell phone, not paying attention to where he was going, or the vehicle had a mechanical glitch remains to be seen as the investigation proceeds.

Do the victims have causes of action? Yes. The dead woman’s family may wish to file a wrongful death lawsuit, and the two other victims might want to file personal injury lawsuits. In any of these scenarios, those filing a lawsuit will be cash strapped and wondering what they are going to do to pay their medical and other bills.

It is not unusual for the family of a deceased victim or those injured in an accident to find themselves facing a serious gap in their financial situation. Being without funds is indeed a tremendous financial hardship. Furthermore, waiting for a lawsuit to reach a settlement or conclude in a court verdict may take many months, if not years, making the financial situation even more dismal. The good news is that litigation funding can help.

A litigation funding company offers lawsuit funding. It is a cash advance for the plaintiff that they may apply for, and once approved, receive in advance of a pending settlement or jury verdict. With pre-settlement funding in the bank, the victim can pay medical expenses, therapy, medications and any other financial obligations. There is no need to suffer financial hardship when lawsuit loans are available.

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