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Brain Trauma Case Nets Plaintiff $10 Million

John Ezzo sustained a serious brain injury during a demonstration of a vehicle for the company that employed him.

This case will likely cause a few raised eyebrows, especially when you get to the part that says the plaintiff, John Ezzo, was blindfolded and riding without a helmet on a Segway vehicle. He worked for Segway, Inc., based in New Hampshire and was tapped to help out in a company demo of their two-wheeled vehicle in 2009 at Southern Connecticut State University.

It sounded harmless enough; demonstrating one of the Segways, but company workers got the bright idea to build an obstacle course, thinking that would highlight the vehicles agility. Again, that would likely have been fine as well. However, Ezzo was blindfolded and sent off on the course without a helmet. While attempting to navigate the course, he fell and seriously injured his head.

Ezzo consulted with a personal injury attorney and chose to file a lawsuit, which was just recently settled in December 2011 for $10 million. It will allow the 23-year-old man to get on with his life, such as it is now. In his statement of claim, he said he had been forced to drop out of the university and could only do work as a handyman.

Waiting for this case to go to court would have been incredibly difficult for the young man, even if he may have lived at home and had some help from his family. He would have significant medical bills to pay, therapy, medications to pay for and his future would be forever altered from a bright student aiming to complete college to a handyman with difficulty coping with daily tasks.

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Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

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