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Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Death from Untreated Bed Sore

A wrongful death lawsuit against Odessa Regional Medical Center (ORMC) alleges a 65-year-old woman died from a “dinner plate sized” ulcer on her back. According to the suit, the woman was admitted to the hospital with a pseudoaneurysm (a leakage of blood pooling outside the artery wall) in her lower right leg, which ultimately required an amputation.

Although she underwent several surgeries, the lawsuit claims negligence in caring for the woman and allowing the ulcer to form. According to the suit, the bed sore formed because hospital staff failed to reposition the patient regularly. Once a staff member discovered the ulcer and treatment began 17 days had passed; it was too late. The ulcer became more severe and caused sepsis (blood poisoning). The woman was transferred to hospice where she died a day later. The lawsuit seeks up to $250,000 in damages and recovery of medical expenses relating to the ulcer. ORMC alleges that the woman was in poor health and there is no proof that the ulcer caused her death, but a report by a medical expert claims that the standard of care provided by the hospital was breached.

Anytime someone loses a loved one, it is devastating both emotionally and mentally. It may be shattering financially, as well. The financial and emotional roller coaster of a lawsuit is equally as painful as the loss. If you suffered physical or emotional injuries or lost a loved one because a hospital, assisted living facility or nursing home was negligent or failed to fulfill its care obligations, you may have grounds for a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

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