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Driver Without License Kills Woman at Bus Stop Reports Litigation Funding Corporation

March 28, 2012

The driver in this case ran a red light and hit a woman sitting at a bus stop, killing her. He was not paying attention to what he was doing.

“Some people don’t seem to understand that a red light means you stop or prepare to stop in enough time to actually obey the light. The defendant in this instance was not only speeding, but missed stopping for a red light because of his rate of speed, rammed into another car and slammed into a concrete bus bench where a woman was sitting,” described Darren Monroe of Litigation Funding Corporation, Michigan.

At ten to six in the morning, one wonders what people are doing speeding through red lights and driving like an idiot. It seems that the driver of the pickup that caused this accident was heading south on the street, when he told police he tried to stop for a red light. However, he did not brake in time. He careened into a white sedan and then hit the VIA bus stop bench. “The woman he hit was dragged about 10 feet while pinned under the truck,” Monroe indicated.

This was a horrific accident that did not need to happen. As a result of this man driving without a license and without insurance, one woman and a passenger in the truck, was seriously injured and one died. Both victims have the right to file lawsuits; one a wrongful death lawsuit, and the other a personal injury lawsuit.

“Was there more going on besides the fact he didn’t have a license and no insurance? Possibly, and an investigation will find that out. In the meantime, the injured passenger and the family of the dead woman will want to talk to competent attorneys about their legal rights,” suggested Monroe.

When sudden death strikes, victims and those left behind in a wrongful death case, can find themselves facing a huge hole in their finances. They may well be left in a very difficult situation and experience extreme hardship. Getting cases such as this settled or to court often take a long time, signaling potential economic ruin for the families. “There is an answer to this difficult dilemma in the form of lawsuit funding,” said Monroe.

Lawsuit funding is a cash advance against a pending settlement or anticipated court verdict. Litigation funding allows the plaintiff to deal with all of their financial obligations and pay any other expenses that may also arise as a result of an accident. “It’s bad enough to lose someone you love and care for; you do not need to face financial ruin as well,” he added.

Litigation funding offers virtually instant service, with a quick application and approval process. The funds may arrive in a person’s bank account within 24-48 hours, and this non-recourse cash advance does not need to be paid back if the case is lost in court.

To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit https://www.litigationfundingcorp.com/.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in Death of Dementia Patient

March 22, 2012

Last month, a lawsuit was filed in the wrongful death of a dementia patient. The suit alleges that MEDSAM Enterprises, its driver, and Jewish Family and Children’s Services (JFCS) were negligent in the transport, care, and death of a 73-year-old patient who was missing for ten days after he was allegedly dropped off in the wrong location and not taken directly to his assisted living facility. He was left stranded in the cold wandering for days. An autopsy revealed that the man had died from hypothermia.

According to the complaint, the man boarded the shuttle van for his daily ride from an adult day care to his home. The lawsuit contends that the bus driver failed to ensure the man’s safe return home; debilitating mental and emotional conditions required him to be escorted from the van to his door. Reports state that the man was being transported by a substitute driver who apparently did not know the route or destination. Additionally, he didn’t speak English well.

The suit alleges that the JFCS failed to notify his family for three hours after being notified of his disappearance and it was already dark with an eminent storm by the time the family was notified. Had they been notified sooner, the man may be alive today; his body was found approximately one mile from his home.

An act of negligence that results in death is a potential wrongful death claim. A lawsuit can not only provide compensation for damages, but can be the means to help prevent such negligence from reoccurring. A wrongful death attorney understands how devastating the loss of a loved one can be and can help you seek the compensation you deserve. Unfortunately, a wrongful death claim can be difficult to handle; a settlement may be months, even years away. In the meantime, the family may be faced with funeral and burial expenses, and other household expenses.

Often times, families do not have the financial stability to withstand the lengthy litigation process. When this happens, lawsuit funding may be helpful. Litigation funding is intended to help plaintiffs facing enormous bills as a result of the loss of a loved one or because of severe personal injuries. Legal finance services help them handle their living expenses, medical bills, and/or funeral expenses until their case is resolved; it prevents them from being forced to settle too soon, for too little.

If you in a pending litigation but need cash to pay your current bills and living expenses, you may be able to leverage your expected settlement with a lawsuit cash advance. Applying for litigation funding is easy with our online application process. There are no credit checks, employment verification, or monthly payments. Best of all, you pay nothing until you successfully settle your case. We assume all the risk, so if you lose your case, you owe us nothing. Call or visit us online; we can approve your application quickly and get you the cash you need within 24 – 48 hours.

Decapitation May Have Been Due to Improperly Maintained Wood Chipper

March 12, 2012

No matter what way you look at this case, it’s gruesome. If there was mechanical failure involved, a wrongful death case could be filed.

This is one of the worst types of accidents on record due to death by decapitation that was caused by a wood chipper. It’s difficult to imagine that kind of a thing happening, but it did, much to the shock and horror of the man’s family. Evidently, the man was handling various types of debris and tree branches while feeding them into the wood chipper. On the surface, this is a fairly straightforward job, but one that needs to follow safety precautions.

The man operating the wood chipper was guiding a very large piece of wood through it when it appears the guide rope got stuck during the process. The rope wrapped around the man’s neck, slicing his head off. He had no chance to save himself, as his hand was nowhere near the shut-off switch.

Police at the scene feel that the rope was tangled in the brush being chipped, got caught on one of the tines and yanked him off his feet with such force he could not get untangled or reach the off switch. It appeared that the machine was a chuck-and-duck chipper, referring to the speed materials were processed through and dropped into the drum. These wood chippers are noted as having major safety issues, such as operators getting snagged on material being fed into the machine.

The initial assessment of the death was that it was an accident. Further investigation will reveal if it was or not. Consider if the wood chipper was faulty and this accident was as a result of an improperly maintained machine, an imbalance in the internal feeder mechanism, or lack of proper safety training. There are a number of explanations for the death, other than by misadventure on the part of the deceased. Should that be the case, the manufacturer of the chipper would be named in the lawsuit and perhaps the company that owned the chipper and employed the dead man.

For the family left behind in the wake of this shocking event, their first course of action should involve contacting a wrongful death lawyer and discussing their options. Should they be able to file a wrongful death action, they will need to know where they may source funding to allow them to wait until their case is handled by the justice system.

They might want to start their search by contacting a litigation funding company; a firm that specializes in lawsuit loans, approved in advance of an expected court settlement. Pre-settlement funding is designed to help victims (and their families) move forward in a financially secure way to deal with their bills. Lawsuit loans are often used to pay medical expenses, but they may be used to pay for anything such as student loans, mortgages or car loans.

Litigation funding is considered to be an emergency loan to help the plaintiff deal with their financial situation and give them breathing room while their lawyer deals with their case. If the case is lost, the plaintiff does not pay the legal funding back. It’s a good deal for plaintiffs, and worth checking out.

Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

Mysterious Wrongful Death Under Investigation

March 3, 2012

Sometimes people wind up dead and no one knows how it happened. This case is a good example.

No one knew how their co-worker got tangled up in a press machine. No one apparently saw what happened the night the man was killed, and the police will spend time trying to find out if something was wrong with the machine as well.

Brady Perkins worked a late shift at a sign making company. Somehow, he managed to get stuck in a press machine and was crushed to death. The pickup truck sized machine was known to be dangerous, and workers were trained to handle it with care. How Perkins got into the machine and got crushed without someone hearing him is still unclear.

What is clear is that the man is dead and his family is in serious shock over the incident. How could it have happened? What was he doing that would make him climb into the machine? Was there something wrong with it? A mechanical failure of some sort? Was he cleaning it? Servicing it? Did someone come by, not see him in the machine and turn it on? For sure, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will be onsite to conduct their own investigation into the death.

This man’s family will need expert counsel from a competent personal injury attorney with a track record in representing families in wrongful death cases. Something went wrong here, and once it is figured out, the family will likely opt to file a lawsuit. They just lost their major breadwinner and will be desperate for money to pay bills, burial and funeral expenses. It will be a nightmare for them.

In order to deal with their death expenses, the family might want to find out more about accessing litigation funding. It is not unusual for them to find themselves facing a major crisis financially speaking, and waiting for a lawsuit to be settled or make its way through court might take a very long time. Over time, financial difficulties will get worse. The good news is pre-settlement funding can help.

A litigation funding company offers a lawsuit cash advance. It is funding for the plaintiff and if they are approved, they will get it in advance of a pending settlement or jury verdict. With a lawsuit loan in the bank, the victim may pay medical bills for any necessary surgeries, medications and any other financial obligations. They do not need to suffer economically when litigation funding is accessible for eligible plaintiffs.

Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

Wrongful Death Resulted from Equipment in the Middle of the Road Says Litigation Funding Corporation

March 1, 2012

When logging equipment falls off a truck while crossing a bridge, the results are deadly.

“There was no way to avoid the inevitable in this accident,” said Darren Monroe of Litigation Funding Corporation, Michigan. “Particularly since the logging equipment that fell off the back of a truck landed right in front of a another driver, this became a horrendous scene. Forty-year-old Kyle Brown of Lake Saint Louis slammed into the metal and died.”

Evidently, a tire on the truck carrying the equipment hit the bridge guardrail, and caused the logging gear on the trailer to be tossed directly into the path of Mr. Brown’s BMW sport utility vehicle. The equipment, an over-sized forklift, met Brown head-on. Brown was heading east on the bridge. The trucker, Kenneth Davis, was heading west in his International tractor-trailer.

At the scene, the police handed Davis a ticket for improper lane use, as he left his lane and hit the guardrail. It may also turn out that the truck and load were too wide to be using that bridge. Only time and a more in depth investigation will provide answers.

This is a wrongful death case that needs the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer. No doubt the man’s family will wish to discuss this case with an attorney to find out how they can ensure something like this does not happen again and obtain compensation for Brown’s sudden and shocking death. The family might not only be shell-shocked, but worried about how to pay their bills.

Not everyone realizes how devastating it is to lose someone they love suddenly and without warning. There are millions of things left undone. Bills still need to be paid. Life still needs to move forward, even if that person is gone. A funeral needs to be planned, along with a burial. It is one of life’s most heart-wrenching events and it frequently leaves those behind in great economic difficulties.

These family victims may want to ask questions about accessing lawsuit funding, and see if they are able to secure a litigation loan. It would be a good strategic move for the family to help them cope without the breadwinner. They may need money to pay for funeral and burial expenses and other important bills such as the mortgage. Pre-settlement funding helps victims wait for an equitable settlement or verdict.

Should the application be approved for a lawsuit cash advance, the fund can be sent within 24-48 hours via a check wired directly to a bank account. “If you lose the case, the money is yours to keep, free of charge,” Monroe explained.

To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit https://www.litigationfundingcorp.com/.

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