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Mysterious Wrongful Death Under Investigation

Sometimes people wind up dead and no one knows how it happened. This case is a good example.

No one knew how their co-worker got tangled up in a press machine. No one apparently saw what happened the night the man was killed, and the police will spend time trying to find out if something was wrong with the machine as well.

Brady Perkins worked a late shift at a sign making company. Somehow, he managed to get stuck in a press machine and was crushed to death. The pickup truck sized machine was known to be dangerous, and workers were trained to handle it with care. How Perkins got into the machine and got crushed without someone hearing him is still unclear.

What is clear is that the man is dead and his family is in serious shock over the incident. How could it have happened? What was he doing that would make him climb into the machine? Was there something wrong with it? A mechanical failure of some sort? Was he cleaning it? Servicing it? Did someone come by, not see him in the machine and turn it on? For sure, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will be onsite to conduct their own investigation into the death.

This man’s family will need expert counsel from a competent personal injury attorney with a track record in representing families in wrongful death cases. Something went wrong here, and once it is figured out, the family will likely opt to file a lawsuit. They just lost their major breadwinner and will be desperate for money to pay bills, burial and funeral expenses. It will be a nightmare for them.

In order to deal with their death expenses, the family might want to find out more about accessing litigation funding. It is not unusual for them to find themselves facing a major crisis financially speaking, and waiting for a lawsuit to be settled or make its way through court might take a very long time. Over time, financial difficulties will get worse. The good news is pre-settlement funding can help.

A litigation funding company offers a lawsuit cash advance. It is funding for the plaintiff and if they are approved, they will get it in advance of a pending settlement or jury verdict. With a lawsuit loan in the bank, the victim may pay medical bills for any necessary surgeries, medications and any other financial obligations. They do not need to suffer economically when litigation funding is accessible for eligible plaintiffs.

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