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Defective e-cigarettes cause severe harm when they explode

Those who feel the need to smoke, but want to quit are trying e-cigarettes. Yet this is a product that is not without serious issues.
One could see this incident coming, just knowing how the electronic cigarettes are put together. In this case, a defective, exploding battery seriously injured the smoker. Will there be more?

The accident happened to a Florida man, who was smoking in his study, enjoying his e-cigarette, when all of a sudden it was like being hit by lightening. The cigarette blew up, sounding like a Fourth of July firecracker. The man sustained serious mouth damage. He lost part of his tongue and all of his teeth. A fire also started in the room; all of this mayhem caused by something as small as a cigarette?

Investigators on the scene are pointing fingers at a faulty lithium battery, brand unknown, as nothing was left of it after it exploded. All that remained was evidence of a recharging station near the 57-year-old man’s chair. While these portable and smoke free little electronic cigarettes are the latest trend to help smokers quit inhaling tobacco, tar and other carcinogens, they may be in their own way just as deadly. This explosion makes that quite clear.

End result? This victim may not be able to speak properly, will likely require either dental implants, dentures, or expensive dental surgery to remove any roots left behind after the explosion. It will be a long, painful process for him, and an incredibly expensive one. How will he pay for all these bills and his regular financial obligations?

After consulting his personal injury attorney, he may wish to investigate whether he qualifies for litigation funding. This is an emergency lawsuit “loan” designed to help plaintiffs like the unfortunate e-cigarette victim get out of the money pit of medical expenses while waiting for a personal injury case to be resolved. Pre-settlement funding takes care of all of the important expenses and allows the victim to wait for justice without worrying how day-to-day bills and expenses will be paid.

Lawsuit funding can be used for medical expenses, home, car or other bills, as well. All a victim needs to do is call a litigation funding company, provide his lawyer’s name and case details, have his case reviewed, approved and receive his money by wire within 48 hours. Litigation funding is the backup the victim needs in a lawsuit.

Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

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