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Head-on Collision Sends Victims to Hospital in Critical Condition with Life-threatening Injuries

Head-on collisions rarely have a good outcome. This case is no exception.

This accident involved a direct head-on between a BMW and a school bus. School bus collisions are always frightening for first responders and the kids, as many busses do not have seat belts, and the injuries can be significant. This wreck happened early in the morning when, for some unknown reason, the BMW crossed the center line and met the school bus in its designated lane.

Emergency crews had to medi-vac three of the car’s occupants to the nearest hospital, where two teens were admitted, and treated for life-threatening injuries. It appears the teenage female driver of the BMW was the only one still conscious after the wreck, and able to talk to medical personnel. She was not able to explain what happened to cause her to crash into the bus.

Police suspect the young driver may have been driving while distracted, and a full investigation will be undertaken to ascertain the reasons for the wreck. The school bus driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, and the passengers on board the bus were deemed shaken up, but good to go.

There are many unanswered questions in this case, not the least of which is what the driver was doing just prior to the crash. While it may not seem fair to speculate that the four teens were likely not paying much attention to the road, it may be a reasonable assumption, given the popularity of cell phones, iPads and other e-devices that are used while the driver is supposed to be paying attention to the road.

Could it have been mechanical failure? It may have been, but that is a question that will be answered after the police are done examining the vehicle. In the meantime, two critically injured teens are struggling to recover in the hospital. How extensive their injuries are will dictate how long they may need care. If their injuries are catastrophic, they may need medical assistance for the rest of their lives. They will need to recover compensation in order to pay their bills.

While waiting for trial, the teens and their families must still pay their usual monthly obligations, such as the mortgage and car expenses. How will they pay all of their bills? Their answer may well be litigation funding, also referred to as pre-settlement funding. This is funding advanced to a qualified plaintiff while they are waiting for a resolution to their case. The plaintiff must have a lawyer working for them before they apply for a lawsuit loan.

A lawsuit cash advance is an emergency loan, and assists cash strapped victims to pay all of the expenses incurred as a result of their accident. Being unable to work means serious financial pressures for individuals, and families, while they wait for a settlement or for their case to go to court. Lawsuit funding may be the right thing for you. Their application and approval process is super fast and a lawsuit loan can be in your bank account in under 48 hours.

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