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Shoplifter Dies After Being Apprehended

A shoplifter died after being chased by store security.

A suspected shoplifter was chased out of a California Walmart by undercover store security guards and apprehended in the parking lot an estimated $500 worth of stolen goods on her.

When police arrived on the scene, the individual was in restraints and appeared to be having medical issues. EMS crews were called, but the shoplifter died en route to the hospital.

The police investigation will likely raise questions about the individual’s presence in the Walmart. Was she a well-known customer? Had she been suspected of shoplifting before? Did she get heart medications at the Walmart pharmacy? Would security have known about it? In short, did the individual demonstrate symptoms of having a heart condition, or was the death caused by the exertion of being chased and the shock of being restrained? Many of those questions cannot be answered until the results of the autopsy are released.

Regardless of what answers the investigation uncovers, the victim’s family has rights. In situations like this, where wrongful death has occurred, the family members of the victim should also consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer to find out their rights.

If there is enough cause to take the case to court or discuss a settlement, the family will need a lawsuit loan to help pay for the medical care, funeral and burial expenses for the victim.

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