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Camping Kills Two Young Brothers

Two young brothers were killed and their father and a friend injured when a drunk driver ran over their tent.

It was intended to be a weekend of fun for two brothers, an adventure with their father and a friend of theirs, taking in the stars and the campfire’s light. It sounded like the perfect way to spend some family time together and teach the kids about being in the outdoors.

The foursome chose to pitch their tent in a campground. All were sound asleep when they were tragically in the path of a speeding truck driver who killed the two boys and badly injured their father and the boy’s 9-year-old friend.

The truck driver was arrested and charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle and reckless endangerment. He had been racing through the campground, driving under the influence, when he lost control of the vehicle and ran over the tent before crashing into a tree.

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