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Truck Driver Ignores Construction Zone Signs; Kills Six

The driver of an 18-wheeler seems to have ignored the clear signs that warned of a construction zone ahead.

The truck carried a full load as the driver coasted down a slight downhill stretch. Without any indication of braking, the trucker rear-ended an SUV, shoving it into another vehicle, leading to a six-car chain reaction pile up. The SUV burst into flames, killing a mother, her two children, and two other passengers. The driver of a second SUV also perished in the accident.

Initial reports did not indicate that the trucker was impaired or distracted in anyway prior to impact. The truck driver stated he just didn’t notice the signs until it was too late. Further investigation into the trucker, and the trucking company, showed their trucks were cited in 75 accidents over the last two-years. One crash was fatal, and 23 other accidents resulted in at least one serious injury.

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