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Off duty cop may spend 28-years in prison

It’s nice to know that the law is not above the law. This case demonstrates that.

A recent case out of Chicago is notable for its unusual feature: it involved an off-duty Chicago cop. According to the police report, an officer, Joseph Frugoli, was driving on the freeway, completely inebriated. Frugoli lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a car that was disabled by the side of the road. Frugoli then extricated himself from his own vehicle and started walking away from the scene, without stopping to render aid, call for help or first checking on the two young men in the disabled vehicle he had hit — 23-year-old Andrew Casares and 21-year-old Fausto Manzera. The two men died.

Frugoli was chased down while attempting to leave the scene of the accident, and subsequently charged with two counts of aggravated DUI. If he is convicted in court, he may face up to 28-years in jail – a sentence which may appeal to the families of the two dead men, but will not bring them back.

The families will most likely seek expert legal counsel to find out what they need to know about filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Frugoli. This is not necessarily a step the families take out of revenge, but rather as one they may hope makes an example of the man, and stop something like this happening to other families. Frugoli broke the law when he decided to drink and drive, and exacerbated the situation when he fled the scene.

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