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Drunk driver kills passenger

It is incomprehensible why people drink and drive. It happens far too often, with deadly results.

A little-known, tough-as-nails young actress who starred in the movie, “Bad News Bears,” has died. She was 20-years-old when she died in a car wreck on a Los Angeles freeway. The car she was riding in slammed into the rear of a semi and was then rammed by another car.

The young woman was a passenger: the driver somehow managed to get out of the sickening wreck with moderate injuries, and was promptly arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. The trucker and the driver of the other car that hit the Audi had minor injuries. Emergency crews were able to pry both women in the speeding Audi out with the Jaws of Life, and transport them to the nearest medical facility. The 20-year-old did not survive her injuries, and was pronounced dead at the hospital. A young life, barely lived, gone too soon because the driver of the car she was in was under the influence of alcohol.

Her family will likely file a wrongful death lawsuit. Nothing will bring this vibrant young lady back, but in filing a wrongful death suit, it may stop others from driving while drunk, and killing innocent people. They will have a long wait before their case gets to court, as the criminal charges and fallout from those charges come first.

While the family waits for justice to be done, they will still face monthly financial obligations, in addition to any expenses incurred as a result of their daughter’s death, such as medical bills prior to her passing, and funeral and burial expenses. It’s the worst thing in the world for a parent to have a child die before they do. They can only move forward and cope as best as they can.

Coping emotionally is one thing, coping financially is another. The perfect answer for the family may be to apply for pre-settlement funding, available from a litigation funding company. A lawsuit cash is advance is just that – an advance for the amount of an anticipated jury award. For qualified plaintiffs, the fast cash arrives within 24 to 48 hours and may be used immediately for anything, although it is mostly used to pay off medical and other pressing expenses. Pre-settlement funding is not for everyone, but it is certainly worth checking into.

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