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Dexterous lion opens gate, kills animal park worker

May 25, 2013

An animal park worker’s neck was broken by an escaped lion.

Though it is too early to tell, this may be a case where safety protocols were not explained properly or not adhered to while the worker was cleaning out a pen.

The records on this sudden death indicate that a five-year-old male lion was able to raise the door of a partially closed feeding cage with his paw, and approached the 24-year-old female worker cleaning the bigger cage area where the lion was regularly kept. There is speculation that the 550-pound lion was attempting to play with her, not maul her, but when he lunged to engage the women, he broke her neck. Death was instantaneous according to the coroner. Any further injuries sustained, such as scratches and claw marks, were post-mortem.

The investigation launched likely has been focused on the safety of the gate and how the animal was able to raise the heavy cage door to reach the woman working in his main pen. Apparently, he had been fed first in the smaller cage, and the woman then moved into the main enclosure to clean his pen out. The woman had only been working at the animal park facility for two months, which raises the question: Was she was properly indoctrinated with regard to safety procedures when working with big cats?

While she was talking on her cell phone to another work colleague, the call was abruptly terminated, which concerned the other worker. The worker called for help and went to look for the young woman. She was found with the lion standing over her.

Her family is understandably shocked and deeply saddened by this tragic death, but may nonetheless consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit, not so much to get any compensation, but to ensure nothing like this happens to anyone else.

While waiting for trial or settlement, the family will need to still pay their regular bills and any expenses related to their daughter’s death. It would likely be financially difficult for them to accomplish and having extra cash on hand would be a welcome relief. They might wish to consider applying for a lawsuit loan. Pre-settlement funding is a cash advance, referred to as a lawsuit funding that arrives in a plaintiff’s bank account once their application has been approved.

While the plaintiff may use the lawsuit loan to buy anything they wish, most apply the funds to their medical or other bills, such as funeral and burial expenses. Having a lawsuit cash advance in the bank allows the plaintiffs to grieve in private and wait for their case to be resolved, rather than have to deal with insurance companies who want them to settle for pennies on the dollar.

Murder or Wrongful Death – An Attorney’s Unexplained Demise Raises Questions

May 9, 2013

No one could explain the death of a New Mexico attorney, found in her garage. Officials, at first, deemed it a suicide.

Two years ago, a New Mexico civil rights lawyer was found dead in her garage. At the time, it looked like suicide. Now, the New Mexico attorney general’s office is asking questions about how the case was handled. It seems the attorney may have been considered to be a thorn in the side of the local police department, and family and friends have stated that they believe she did not have the mindset to commit suicide.

Most telling, though, was that her car, parked in the garage where she was found, was equipped with a gadget which would turn the car off, before toxic amounts of carbon monoxide could be released. The car wasn’t running and did not have an empty gas tank when she was discovered by her law partner. She was found sitting in her car, with the doors and windows open, her glasses on, her feet on the dashboard, wearing a robe, with a bottle of Ambien in the pocket. The door between the house and the garage was also open — hardly conducive conditions for a death by carbon monoxide poisoning.

The attorney’s family has filed a lawsuit against the city (naming over one dozen officers and investigators, the police chief and the public safety director), stating that the investigation from start to finish was botched and mishandled. Their main allegation is whether or not the police department chose to not look at other explanations for her death. There were more than two dozen police and city officials who arrived at the scene and may have walked through most of what have been used as evidence.

After she was discovered, her death was declared a suicide and her home was not cordoned off for processing. It was later revealed that two antique diamond rings the attorney wore daily were missing, items valued at $100,000. One officer at the scene, a friend of the deceased, has stated that he found it strange and unusual that her car door and windows were open. Most suicide-by-carbon-monoxide victims shut their doors and roll up their windows.

In short, many questions have not been answered to the satisfaction of family and friends. The family has said that their main concern was the woman had made many enemies over the years as a result of what was described as her fiery nature. She had also, during her career, defended police officers who had been accused or wrongdoing.

Until this case gets to court, the family will have enormous expenses to deal with, including funeral and burial expenses and other bills related to their mother’s death. The perfect solution for them to pay all of the bills while they wait for a resolution to this case would be to apply for litigation funding. Pre-settlement funding is also referred to as a lawsuit cash advance, and is an emergency loan to help plaintiffs in situations such as this.

Those that apply for a lawsuit loan do not need to have a job, are not required to have a credit check, do not pay any money upfront and are not expected to make monthly payments on the principle of the loan. They can take the money, once they are approved, and immediately take care of all of their bills, keeping the remainder of the money in the bank. It is easy to apply online for lawsuit funding, or to call a litigation funding company and fill out an application.

When Does Litigation Funding Make Sense

May 6, 2013

Mike was seriously injured in an auto accident and unable to return to work. He filed a lawsuit against the negligent driver, but while the case was strong and winnable in court, the defense were denying, defending, and delaying the claim. Until the auto accident, Mike had excellent credit so he was able to apply and receive a traditional bank loan to help pay the medical bills and monthly household expenses. Unfortunately, Mike’s case did not settle as soon as expected and he defaulted on the loan. His car was repossessed and his credit was ruined.

Carol was seriously injured in an auto accident and unable to return to work. She filed a lawsuit, but her case was also being delayed by the defendant. Instead of a traditional bank loan, Carol opted for litigation funding from a legal finance company. This non-recourse cash advance covered her bills for three months, but when her case was delayed she needed to request additional funding. Her case settled three months later; Carol stayed financially afloat and maintained her credit standing.

After repaying the lawsuit cash advance, Carol’s proceeds from the settlement were less than Mike’s, but she was able to keep all bills current and maintain good credit.

While litigation funding is not right for every plaintiff, it can be the answer if the only option is to settle too soon, for too little. Unlike a traditional bank loan, there are no monthly payments, no credit checks, or employment verification. If you fail to make monthly payments, you default on the loan. Once you default, you are at risk of losing whatever collateral you pledged as security for the loan, usually your home. Additionally, you are still obligated to repay the loan. On the other hand, litigation funding is based solely on the merits of the case, plaintiffs who may not qualify for a bank loan or line of credit, may qualify for a lawsuit cash advance. Litigation funding is risk-free; repayment is only made if, and when, the plaintiff successfully settles, whereas a bank loan must always be repaid. Additionally, a lawsuit cash advance never shows up on a credit report.

When you need fast cash and everyone else is saying “No”, contact Litigation Funding Corp. After completing a one-page application, we will request documentation from your attorney to determine if the case has merit. If approved, funding can be available in less than 48 hours. With litigation funding, you have nothing to lose, but much to gain – financial peace of mind and credit intact.

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