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Dexterous lion opens gate, kills animal park worker

An animal park worker’s neck was broken by an escaped lion.

Though it is too early to tell, this may be a case where safety protocols were not explained properly or not adhered to while the worker was cleaning out a pen.

The records on this sudden death indicate that a five-year-old male lion was able to raise the door of a partially closed feeding cage with his paw, and approached the 24-year-old female worker cleaning the bigger cage area where the lion was regularly kept. There is speculation that the 550-pound lion was attempting to play with her, not maul her, but when he lunged to engage the women, he broke her neck. Death was instantaneous according to the coroner. Any further injuries sustained, such as scratches and claw marks, were post-mortem.

The investigation launched likely has been focused on the safety of the gate and how the animal was able to raise the heavy cage door to reach the woman working in his main pen. Apparently, he had been fed first in the smaller cage, and the woman then moved into the main enclosure to clean his pen out. The woman had only been working at the animal park facility for two months, which raises the question: Was she was properly indoctrinated with regard to safety procedures when working with big cats?

While she was talking on her cell phone to another work colleague, the call was abruptly terminated, which concerned the other worker. The worker called for help and went to look for the young woman. She was found with the lion standing over her.

Her family is understandably shocked and deeply saddened by this tragic death, but may nonetheless consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit, not so much to get any compensation, but to ensure nothing like this happens to anyone else.

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