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Same-Sex couple file failure to diagnose ovarian cancer lawsuit

This medical negligence lawsuit involved the failure to diagnose ovarian cancer.

The settlement in this lawsuit is one of the largest recorded in Illinois, at $3 million for the failure of a doctor to diagnose ovarian cancer in a 49-year-old lesbian. The woman and her partner filed the lawsuit alleging the radiologist at a Chicago hospital identified a complex cyst while completing an ultrasound. The results were sent to the woman’s doctor, with the recommendation that follow-up scans be done within 12 weeks. The follow-up scans were never ordered.

Fourteen months later, the woman was diagnosed with Stage IIIC, small cell cancer. If her doctor had ordered follow-up scans, her initially treatable Stage I tumor would not have grown into a non-curable, untreatable mass. By the time a diagnosis was made, the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and other organs. She required extensive chemotherapy and aggressive resection surgery. Her survival rate, despite the fact that she is in remission, has diminished significantly, due to the failure to diagnose her cancer earlier.

The attorney for the woman initially filed for just the plaintiff, but amended the filing to include the woman’s partner of 20-years. The pair is married and the partner is entitled to the same benefits other married couples may enjoy under Illinois law.

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