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22-Year-Old Dies at Scene of Rear-End Collision with Logging Truck

December 31, 2013

A young man died on his way to work after an early morning encounter with a logging truck.

Negligence comes in many forms. In this instance, it caused the death of a 22-year-old man one morning in September 2011. Christopher Grouix loved his job as a carpentry apprentice, and every morning, he looked forward to what he would learn that day. But Grouix never made it to work; he rear-ended a John Deere logging truck and was pronounced dead at the scene. His parents chose to sue the truck’s owner and the trucker behind the wheel at the time of the crash. The driver pled guilty to a moving violation and served six months in jail.

At trial, the plaintiff’s wrongful death attorney argued that the young man could not have seen the logging truck because the vehicle did not have the mandatory lights required by law. The defendant’s lawyer argued that the accident was really Grouix’s fault: he was not paying attention to what he was doing, fell asleep at the wheel or was texting or talking on his cell phone.

The defense offered as evidence the fact that the young man had been to a concert the night before and had not arrived home until 1:00 a.m. Moreover, his cell phone was located close to the crash site. The plaintiff’s attorney responded that the young man carried his phone in his pocket and that it had remained there on the drive before the accident.

In the final analysis, the jury awarded Grouix’s parents $1.5 million. The sum included economic damages, including funeral and burial costs, the loss of their son’s income to support the household and $500,000 for pain and suffering.

Families faced with such situations often find themselves scrambling to find the funds for all their necessary expenses and for those incurred as a result of the death of their loved one. It is difficult enough to deal with such a catastrophic loss without trying pay usual living expenses.

Litigation funding may have been a good solution for Grouix’s family. Such funding could have assisted them in paying bills while they mourned and waited for the case to be resolved. A lawsuit cash advance can provide enormous relief for those facing unexpected bills with no way to pay them. These advances allow a family time to heal while they pay the medical expenses and other important bills that must be paid.

Pre-settlement funding is not for everyone, but a lawsuit cash advance can benefit many plaintiffs. It is an option worth exploring. There are no credit checks, no upfront fees or monthly fees and the applicant does not need to be employed. Lawsuit loans often make the difference between a family’s financial struggle and their comfort, offering the funds to handle challenges that appear while their case is making its way through court.

Consider Litigation Funding Before Risking Your Credit

December 23, 2013

Tammy, a mother of three young children, can still recall the horrifying day when the phone rang while she was cooking dinner. When Tammy answered the phone, she knew instantly that something was wrong. Tammy’s husband, John, was killed in an auto accident on his way home from work.

As a stay at home mom, Tammy was quickly overwhelmed. With a budget already stretched, Tammy found herself with little savings and a lot of bills. The negligent driver’s insurance company continued to deny, delay, and defend the claim. Although Tammy consulted an auto accident attorney and filed a lawsuit, it did not speed up her case. Months were passing and a settlement was not in sight. The stress was taking a toll; she need cash fast.

As Tammy was cleaning up after the kids, she heard a commercial on the TV in the other room – “Do you need cash to pay your bills before your lawsuit settles?” Curious that help may be available to her, Tammy called her attorney to see if he was familiar with such a service. Tammy’s attorney told her that such financial help is provided by litigation funding companies and he immediately suggested Litigation Funding Corp. as the expert in the industry. After Colleen thoroughly explained how the funding works, Tammy applied for a $3,500 cash advance. She was approved the next day and her bills were paid in full. Eight months later, Tammy’s case settled for $1.2 million at which time Litigation Funding Corp. was repaid. Had Tammy lost her case, she would have owed us nothing. That’s because litigation funding is no-risk funding to plaintiffs.

If you are in a pending suit and struggling financially, don’t risk debt and a poor credit rating. Litigation Funding Corp may have cash for you! Our approval process fast and free! There are no upfront fees; no credit checks or employment required. Contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.

One Defective Tire, $1.5 Million in Medical Bills

December 12, 2013

Tires keep us safe on the road, and if something goes wrong with them, anything could happen.

One May morning in 2009, Tracey Parker of Florida was driving her Chevy Cobalt down I95. One of her tires came off its rim, and she lost control of her car. Her vehicle flipped three times and landed on the highway median. Parker was 39 years old at the time of the accident, a wife and mother to three young boys. She was not expected to survive her injuries.

Her coma lasted a month, but remarkably, Parker did survive. After 17 operations and more than three months in the hospital, she went home with a $1.5 million medical bill. Even at home, she was in constant pain; some of her broken bones never healed properly. Her whole life was turned inside out, and she will never be the same person she was before the crash. Parker and her husband decided to sue Continental Tire, the fourth largest tire manufacturer worldwide, over the defective tire that contributed to the accident.

At trial, the plaintiffs alleged that the tire on the Cobalt was defective when it left the plant. The tire was four years old, had no inspection sticker and had 20,000 miles of tread remaining on the day of the accident. It was obvious, the Parkers’ lawyer argued, that the tire had missed inspection. The defendant’s attorney suggested that the crash was Tracey Parker’s fault because she had not properly inflated her tires, and that the resulting uneven tires made her lose control of the vehicle. The case may not have gone to trial had the tire company taken the Parkers’ pre-trial offer to settle for $800,000. They declined, and eventually faced a jury award of $10 million.

With such high medical bills, the Parkers would have been left in an extremely difficult financial position as they tried to continue paying their regular and usual expenses. Without applying for a lawsuit loan, few would have access to the funds they would need. Lawsuit loans (also called pre-settlement loans or litigation funding) help plaintiffs cope with their suddenly enormous expenses. Those applying for a lawsuit cash advance need only hire an attorney to represent them and fill out an online application with a litigation funding company (or call them directly for more information).

Approved plaintiffs usually receive their cash advances within 48 hours. The funds are sent directly to the plaintiff’s bank account, and are typically used to pay medical bills and maintain usual expenses. Approval is based on the case’s predicted strength in court. If, for some reason, the plaintiff loses the case, he or she is able to keep the lawsuit loan funds, no strings attached. Litigation funding can help plaintiffs and their families maintain order in their lives as they wait for their case to be resolved.

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