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Carnival Accident Injures Five

The favorite carnival ride at the North Carolina State Fair was the one that flipped and twirled — until it critically injured five riders.

Fairgoers were happily roaming the grounds, daring one another to get on various rides. Among them, the “Vortex” was the most popular and the most “thrilling.” Late one evening, as several riders were dismounting with the assistance of a ride attendant, the Vortex started up again. The ride’s safety switch did not engage properly, and five people were injured as the ride began to move.

No one is certain exactly why the carnival ride sprang to life while the riders were dismounting.

Two individuals were seriously injured. Three sustained less serious wounds. The emergency response team arrived quickly and transported all five victims to the nearest medical facility. The injured riders ranged in age from 14 to 39. Eyewitnesses and those hurt expressed gratitude that the ride, at least, had not been upside down or in mid-flip when it malfunctioned.

Word went out that the North Carolina Labor Department would send a team of investigators to determine what went wrong. A malfunctioning or defective safety switch could have been to blame, so the switch was replaced and the ride reopened for business after testing.

Despite the malfunction, fair officials stressed that this incident is an isolated one and that safety is their first concern for patrons.

After such an incident, an investigation should closely examine any suspicion of negligence. If the carnival operator negligently maintained the ride or failed to inspect it (and its safety switch) regularly, the injured parties would have cause to file personal injury lawsuits. If the switch was defective, then the maker of that part of the ride would be named in a possible lawsuit along with the carnival company owners.

The two individuals with serious injuries will face enormous hospital bills. If their injuries alter their normal lifestyles, they may be unable to work, have to revamp their homes or require 24-hour care, medications and therapy. How will they pay their bills?

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