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A Lawsuit is Stressful Enough; Let Lawsuit Funding Ease the Financial Challenges

Filing a personal injury lawsuit can be emotionally, physically, and financially stressful, but what happens when the negligence leads to serious injury, loss of income, or other damages? A lawsuit is intended to compensate innocent victims, but the lawsuit can take months, even years to work its way through the legal process. In the meantime, a plaintiff may be faced with mounting bills – medical expenses, mortgage or rent payments, auto payments, tuition, or daily household expenses especially one who has suffered an injury and cannot return to work. For some, even putting food on the table can be a challenge.

Lawsuit funding is not a familiar term to many people involved in a lawsuit, yet it can make the difference in a plaintiff’s financial well-being. Plaintiffs have fewer resources than the large corporations and insurance companies putting the plaintiff in a vulnerable position, especially when a case drags on for years. When a deep-pocket defendant delays proceedings or drags out a case, it makes a financially strapped plaintiff vulnerable, and one who will consider accepting a less than favorable settlement. Lawsuit funding provides the much needed cash when the plaintiff needs it most. With a lawsuit cash advance, the victim can focus on seeking treatment and healing from injuries, rather than worrying about how to pay the mortgage or feed the family.

Plaintiffs may be eligible for a lawsuit cash advance at any point between when s/he filed a lawsuit and the time the case is settled. Obtaining funding is quick and easy with no credit checks or employment verification. Additionally, there are no monthly fees or other out-of-pocket expenses. With the cooperation of the plaintiff’s attorney, an application can be reviewed and approved in as little as 24 hours. Best of all, lawsuit funding is provided on a non-recourse basis meaning repayment is only made once the case successfully settles; if the plaintiff loses the case, repayment is waived.

If you are in the midst of a personal injury lawsuit and need financial assistance, lawsuit funding may be the right choice for you. For more information, call Litigation Funding Corp. at 1-866-548-3863 or visit us online.

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