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Live Comfortably Until a Settlement is Reached with Pre-Settlement Funding

Those who need emergency cash for their auto accident case may want to contact a legal funding company to apply for a lawsuit cash advance.

An Ohio man filed an auto accident lawsuit against a driver he claimed was responsible for a multi-vehicle accident that allegedly left his wife, a passenger in his vehicle, permanently impaired. According to the lawsuit, “As the man entered the intersection, the defendant ran a red light, lost control, and struck the plaintiffs vehicle on the passenger side.” An investigation determined that the defendant was not only speeding, but talking on his cell phone at the time of the accident.

The plaintiff claimed that because of the accident his wife is physically impaired, experiences ongoing physical pain and mental anguish, and the couple has incurred exorbitant medical costs. Due to her injuries, he has lost a significant amount of work to care for her. The insurance company made a settlement offer, but the plaintiff’s attorney said it was significantly less than what the couple deserved. He believed if they waited, the case would settle within 8 – 10 months for a much higher settlement. Unfortunately, the medical bills alone were a struggle for this couple. Pre-settlement lawsuit funding was just what they needed.

Rather than letting the bills pile and risking bad credit or home foreclosure, pre-settlement funding can work as a cash advance that does not have to be repaid until the case settles. Applying for funding requires a simple online application. Approval is based solely on the strength of the case. If approved, the client and his attorney will sign a contract detailing the funding agreement. There is no need to worry about confusing text; the terms and conditions are clearly defined, but Litigation Funding Corp. will go over everything first. We also advise our clients to only take a cash advance for the amount absolutely necessary; a request for additional funding can be made later, if needed. The best part of pre-settlement funding is that if you lose your case, the repayment is waived.

From mortgage and auto payments to utility bills and daily living expenses, pre-settlement funding will allow you to live comfortably until the settlement check arrives in the mail. Call us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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