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Toyota Works Toward Settlement for Sudden Acceleration Deaths

Years after the controversy began, Toyota is still dealing with defective e-throttle system issues. Toyota is now gathering its legal advisors and working towards a global settlement to deal with a second group of sudden acceleration death and injury cases.

In 2005, a jury found that the company acted with “reckless disregard” in taking action to deal with reported acceleration issues in their Camrys. In 2013, Toyota massed its resources to finance a major settlement a mere 60 days after an Oklahoma jury found the e-throttle system in Toyota’s Camry to be defective.

The cars involved in the claims suddenly accelerated without warning or apparent cause. Many of their drivers, unable to control the runaway vehicles, crashed, suffered serious injuries or died. A number of lawsuits were pending in California until a judge put them on hold (as the company and its lawyers made attempts to settle them).

The first of more than 200 lawsuits was slated for court in March 2014. The suits remained in place in spite of the fact that first three cases were resolved in favor of the defendant (Toyota).

However, when the company lost its 2013 Oklahoma case, circumstances changed. Toyota could lose a substantial amount of money if the remainder of the 200 cases proceeded to trial losses, so the company recently decided to negotiate settlements.

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