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After the Lawsuit Is Filed it’s Time to Apply for Litigation Funding

Auto accidents often cause severe injuries that require immediate and long-term medical attention. Many times, the victim is even forced to take time off from work to recover. A loss of income plus extensive medical bills can be financially devastating for the victim and their family. In order to pay the bills and avoid foreclosure, plaintiffs may consider settling for less than full case value, yet a better option would be to seek litigation funding.

“Have you ever wondered how you would pay bills if you were seriously injured in an auto accident, unable to work, and every obstacle imaginable delayed your lawsuit? If you were like me a year ago, you probably never have unless you were actually put in this situation. I was rear-ended by a distracted driver and left permanently disabled. My wife was a stay-at-home mom and with three kids, cash was already tight. After the accident, the bills just kept coming. Since it was obviously the other guy’s fault, I expected a quick settlement. Wow, was I surprised! I was in a real financial crunch with nowhere to turn until my lawyer mentioned litigation funding. I contacted three funding companies; it was not hard to make a quick decision. Litigation Funding Corp. was able to completely explain how the funding process works and once I applied, they worked fast to provided the cash I needed. Within two days, I was caught up on all my outstanding bills, and could wait debt-free until my case settled.”

Being seriously injured in an auto accident and swamped with mounting bills and no way to pay them is an added burden most victims don’t need. Often times, emergency cash is the only way to stay the course financially and keep a lawsuit alive. That is why litigation funding has become a popular solution for plaintiffs during a lengthy legal process.

Since funding is granted solely on the strength of the case, there are no credit checks or typical bank requirements for funding. In most cases, cash can be available within 24 – 48 hours. If the case does not settle in the plaintiffs’ favor, the lawsuit cash advance is forgiven! You owe nothing!

If you are the victim of a personal injury lawsuit, litigation funding may be the emergency financial lifeline you need. Call for a free, no obligation consultation or apply online.

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